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  1. Can't take delivery due to side curtain airbag recall

    Sorry man. My Bronco was an Ice Mountain victim for more than 90 days and it infuriated me watching Broncos built after mine arrive at the dealership.
  2. Can't take delivery due to side curtain airbag recall

    Yes but your vehicle has been shipped and is no longer a priority to Ford.
  3. Speculation on MY23's being built?

    Yeah I believe likely just came from the dealer. I was making sport of his "low" priority of 19 (it really doesn't matter 10-19).
  4. Speculation on MY23's being built?

    Oooooooh Priority 19!!!!
  5. Speculation on MY23's being built?

    I have zero confidence mine will be built. XL Hybrid. Original order 10/13/21, re-order confirmed by Ford 9/17 at 1:39p. Coming from a larger dealership who got me my Bronco but I just have no faith at all for my XL MavBrid.
  6. To moonroof or not to moonroof. That is the question

    Always moonroof. Unfortunately Ford stole that option from me.
  7. Co-Pilot 360 question

    When you order for 2024 you would get the full size spare at no charge. You also get power adjustable side mirrors. I think CP360 is worth it and I have it ordered on my XL even if it is the constraint and likely to mean I never see my MavBrid. The rear sliding window is 155 I believe. Order...
  8. Maverick vs 2022 Toyota Tundra sr

    In the last 9 months I've owned a 2022 Honda CRV Touring Hybrid, a 2022 Ford Bronco Base Sasquatch, 2022 Tesla Model 3 and a 2022 Chevy Tahoe LT. The Tahoe - the most expensive vehicle - is the nicest and it should be. However I have never been a Chevy fan and wouldn't have bought it (company...
  9. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    People specifically wanting a Hybrid don't have a choice. They have to go Escape for AWD. AWD can be had across any number of vehicles in Ford's line up. Hybrid engine choice is different and with the battery constraints Ford is going to move quickly to make it a premium feature.
  10. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    They build an AWD Hybrid Escape. Because they chose to make the Hybrid drivetrain the "base" drivetrain and it is Ford's bargain offering there was no way for them to offer a Maverick Hybrid AWD without severely undercutting the Escape. An Escape SE Hybrid AWD checks in around $30,500 and comes...
  11. Lariat Hybrid Transmission Issue

    You do not have have a traditional transmission per se - you have an eCVT transmission with motors, generators, staters....
  12. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    I placed my order and wrote on my signed order sheet I was requesting the COVP private offer. I also have every e-mail and communication dating back to last August when my ride with Ford began. We'll fight that fight if the truck ever arrives. I'll still buy it, and I'm not going to get all...
  13. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    My dealer is fighting me on my COVP order status (It DEFINITELY was seeing as my Bronco was ordered the same day and had to be COVP in order to be built - which it was built). But it isn't just about me - Ford marketed a $20k truck and really never delivered. It would be interesting to see the...
  14. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    See - I want an XL Hybrid Maverick. I'm not going to give Ford an addition $3k to get into a hybrid. They marketed a $20k truck they couldn't build. Now its a $22k truck they'll only build if you pay at least $25k for.... I don't want an at least $25k hybrid truck. I want the $20k hybrid truck...
  15. Elephant in room: Around 80% of orders are Hybrids.

    Unless all dealer stock are EB people totally screwed. The way I see it - I ordered an XL Hybrid. Not even taking into account CP360 constraints I had a 35% (Hybrid) and 15% (XL) of getting my Maverick built before allocation or roughly 5.25% of all 2023 Mavericks will be Hybrid XL. So the...
  16. The Autopian Review - Every Argument I Made To Trade Our Crossover For A Ford Maverick

    In short - every vehicle is a compromise and the Maverick (or the Forester) is no different.
  17. Which 2023 Maverick trim did you order?

    Kept it the same. XL. Ford screwed me on the moonroof so took that off and also the spray in liner (I'll get it locally) and my order is still $1,200 more than 2022 because my dealer is claiming my order was not COVP (even though I ordered a Bronco the same day that HAD to be otherwise it...
  18. 2023 XL vs XLT

    You will also get power mirrors in the XL if you add CP360 which was $595. Due to constraints I'm betting you'll see a big price increase on CP360 and the moonroof/sunroof as stand alone options. So for 2023 - probably $1k for CP360 but you'd get power mirrors in the XL and still save $1300...
  19. Be prepared for 2023 Maverick price increases. 2023 Lightning prices just increased significantly

    People here skewered me when I said the big price increases were coming for MY23.
  20. Fit 2 infant/toddler car seats in back seat?

    Rear facing makes any vehicle a tight squeeze. If behind the driver or passenger it can really squeeze space but it all depends on how tall you are and how much room you need. It's totally doable. The Mav has a relatively flat (and wide) rear seat which makes it pretty good to squeeze seats in...