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  1. Delays for vehicles delivered via convoy? (Remember no politics)

    Mine was supposed to be at the dealer on March 21. Still not there and the last information I got was it was in a yard in Delaware. Still waiting and no delivery date yet.
  2. $500 discount for veterans

    I applied some time ago (ordered June 8). FORD gives you a certificate with a number that you give to the dealer. Still waiting for my Maverick to be delivered.
  3. Finally Built

    Yes. It was a surprise to me. Maybe because it was ordered on 6/8 (second day of open ordering) they want to get it to me.
  4. Finally Built

    Congrats! Mine was also built this week. It looks like Ford is building the Jun/Jul orders finally. My order date was 6/8. Also got a notification that it was shipped to the dealer so no sitting in a big field at the factory.
  5. Price increase shown on window sticker?

    My dealer sent me a price breakdown when I ordered it. Original price, then what I will be paying for the vehicle with the dealer discount. IF you have the figures then that is the price you will be paying.
  6. Rear End Squat? Install These… Air Bag Kit

    Where did you get the kit from?
  7. Finally - Window Sticker

    Makes you wonder as to home many Mavericks are built during the day.
  8. Got a VIN!

    Got my Window sticker and a week later it is built!
  9. Finally - Window Sticker

    Hang in there! This was my build week also and I just got the Email from Ford that it is BUILT with a projected delivery in early March.
  10. Finally - Window Sticker

    I used the Window Sticker link from the message Ford sent me . I got my Vin in the middle of Jan and they have been pushing my built week all over the place. This was the 5th build week I received and the first time the window sticker link showed up. I did check the VIN number on the window...
  11. Finally - Window Sticker

    Went on the Ford Website and was able to download my Vehicle Window sticker!!! Ordered on 6/8 - Lariat Hybrid, Lux Pkg, 360, Hot Red Pepper. With this step I assume that they are building the vehicle. It sure has been a long wait to get to this point.
  12. What are than June still no vehicle

    I ordered on June 8 (hybrid Lariat) and have been scheduled, but it has been moved around at least 4 times so far. Hope this time it will actually be built.
  13. Maverick wins Motorweek Drivers’ Choice Awards "Best of the Year" and "Best Compact Truck"

    Really like that! Sort of like the old chevy LUV (Light Utility Vehicle) truck
  14. Is My Build Delayed Like Everyone Else's?

    My build was scheduled for the same week but received an email from Ford that it was rescheduled for week of Feb 7. Now received another email that it is now rescheduled for the week of Feb 21. Really have no idea when they will actually build it!
  15. Almost 7 months to the day....

    Are you going to get hit with "Fair Market Up Charge"" The Hyundai dealers are adding $$$$$ to any thing they sell even if the have inventory on the lot. The Santa Cruz seems to be readily available on the dealer lots.
  16. Longest Wait Time From Confirmed Order to Delivery

    June 8, Lariat hybrid and now production moved from week of Jan 24 to Week of Feb 7. I guess I should be happy that they are least communicating with me.
  17. Update - Window Sticker! - Another Maverick Hybrid Lariat Production Delayed

    Min was scheduled for production the week of 24 Jan and got the email that it is now scheduled for he week of 7 Feb. Ordered June 8 and waiting, again.
  18. Tailgate assist install help! How to tighten the Allen bolt on the lower plate?

    From what I saw on the install video, you need to be putting some pulling pressure while you tighten it. If there is no pressure then it will just spin.