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  1. Hybrid Order Support Group

    Just removed the spray-in bed liner from my XL order. There are no other constraints on my build, so I am hoping this will make the difference. Who knows?
  2. Steelie color change - options?

    Looking at photos of the steelies installed on the XL - when you paint or powdercoat the wheels, do you think you should also paint or powdercoat the plastic piece that covers lugnuts? I assume its plastic.
  3. Aftermarket Wheel Availability/Wish List for your 2022+ Maverick

    Anybody know a good online store to purchase hubcaps to cover steelies? I am considering hubcaps as an alternative to powder coating/painting.
  4. Steelie color change - options?

    Is the photo black or gun metal gray? Just asking for clarification. Also, is powder coating cheaper than painting?
  5. Bronco sport wheels on the Maverick

    I think I am leaning towards just painting the steelies black. The Bronco Black Diamond looks pretty sharp.
  6. Military Appreciation Program / Traditional Reservist

    I just reviewed the eligibility requirements for Ford's Military Appreciation Program. Honestly, I was shocked to learn that only veterans within two (2) years from separating are eligible. I am traditional reservist now, and for some reason, Ford excludes traditional reservists. Kind of a...
  7. Buying vs Leasing Your Maverick?

    XL isn’t eligible for lease.
  8. Pulse (Dealer Add-on?)

    My order summary contains a $659 charge for an item labeled as "PULSE." There is no additional information. Dealer did not explain what this was when we initially met. I assume its a dealer add-on related to the pulse brake light system. Can the dealer require this add-on or should I be able...
  9. Changing a submitted Maverick order

    Thanks. I am pretty disappointed with the communications with my dealer. I even went with a different dealer from my last Ford deal hoping the communications would be better. But, no luck.....
  10. Changing a submitted Maverick order

    Thanks, but just to clarify, were you given anything in writing that reflects your order changes, including price?
  11. Changing a submitted Maverick order

    Did you have any luck? I recently notified my dealer that I wanted to change my order from XLT to XL. I sent him a copy of the new build and he said that he had it taken care of. When I initially ordered, I was a given a copy of of the complete order to include price + taxes/fees. I sent dealer...
  12. Ford Maverick vs Explorer Size Comparison - Real Life Sighting

    Going to look like my driveway. Wife's XLT White Explorer parked next to my XLT White Maverick.
  13. Special Finance APR Rates Released for Maverick

    Wow, that’s the first I have heard of XL models not being eligible for lease.
  14. Special Finance APR Rates Released for Maverick

    What can I do to increase trade in value of my car? Should I get offers from places like Carmax and Carvana?
  15. Car seats - 2 forward facing car seats in back seats?

    Maverick is 35.9 Crosstrek is 36.5 Every inch counts.
  16. Car seats - 2 forward facing car seats in back seats?

    Looks like the Mini Countryman has 1.7 inches more rear legroom space than Maverick
  17. Car seats - 2 forward facing car seats in back seats?

    After seeing some of the reviews/photographs coming out of the Ford Bronco Sport community, I am starting to get a little concerned about child seats in the back seat. There should not be any issue with front facing child seats other than dirty shoes on the back of driver/passenger seats...
  18. Special Finance APR Rates Released for Maverick

    Rookie question here. To shop around interest rates from various places, do you have to do a credit check each time?
  19. Special Finance APR Rates Released for Maverick

    When do Ford leasing rates typically come out? They vary my market, right?
  20. OXFORD WHITE Maverick Club

    Yes sir. XLT hybrid in oxford white. My wife's 2020 XLT Explorer also is oxford white, so I thought we should just make it a pair.