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  1. Maverick vs Ranger Lightning

    For those of us who placed orders for MY2023 that don't think we will be built and get rolled over into MY24, Would you consider a Ranger Lightening instead? Not much is known about it yet, might come out as '24 or a '25 model year. If it comes out as a '24 model year, it might be tempting to...
  2. Cyber Orange no longer premium?

    On the sales order information that my dealer gave me, I notice they had $0 next to the Cyber Orange option. Did they make a mistake, or is Cyber Orange no longer a premium color? I was expecting $400 as that's what it was last year. I'm happy with $0 though. Did anyone else order CO for...
  3. SC buyers add Lugoff Ford to the list of scalpers

    Last year when I tried to order too late they said no dealer markup above MSRP. This year they've changed to add $4000 to the price of MSRP, so no longer a good place to buy from, they've joined the scalping game. They say it's because of "Ford's new sales model"... 🤣
  4. When will we know 2023 prices and options?

    Will we know the prices and options for 2023 models BEFORE the order banks open up? I'd like to know the details so I can get my order in as soon as possible when they open up. I'd like to do my research before the day of. (Also nervous they might drop the cyber orange as it is second least...