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  1. The Maverick truck bed is so versatile.

    I went to Menard's in Florence, KY and spotted this Maverick in the lumber yard. The man has had his Lariat since February. He said everywhere he goes he gets questions. He purchased this bed extender at Harbor Freight for $65 dollars and is hauling 12' lumber. The extender goes into the 2"...
  2. This "supposed" official Ford email says ALL MY23 order banks open Sept. 15th.

    I thought existing MY22's ordered on the 15th and the rest later. Or, everyone can order and MY22's go ahead? of the line? The email doesn't say that.
  3. Ordered the XL Hybrid on Oct 3, 2021 and today I received the VIN.

    The production week on Oct. 31 and delivery date of Nov. 28- Dec. 4th are subject to change. I never received this info via an email, I called Veh. Support @ (800)392-3673 and they gave me this update.
  4. Ok, Maverick hybrid parts are not available. Now what?

    There are no more 2022 Maverick hybrids to be scheduled. Ford screwed the Hybrid customers, no other way to say it. Who starts to bake a cake and doesn't check to see if they have all the ingredients? They should have stopped taking orders (and deposits) for something they're not sure that they...