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  1. My 10,000 mile XLT review: Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

    Some sort of car detailing shop in your area, some auto body shops also do it since it might have a little bit of paint correction that has to happen. Most likely if a place does window tint then they will do ceramic coating, at least in my area.
  2. My First Edition Maverick with Mods, with Pictures and Links

    I did the same but from Etsy, the problem is that I was the one installing it. It has a little wrinkle in it but otherwise looks decent. Still not as cool as the other light that is just sitting in the box but I don't have to drop the headliner.
  3. Dealer refunding my $500 deposit because Ford took on too many Maverick orders?

    The more of these stories that come out the more I realized I got extremely lucky
  4. Ford's blue oval badge shortage affecting F-Series trucks

    A bunch of folks on Etsy are about to get a lot of orders
  5. The Autopian Review - Every Argument I Made To Trade Our Crossover For A Ford Maverick

    Side story, my dad had a 95 nissan hardbody pickup that he put 150k miles on before he gave it to my brother when he turned 16. My brother but another 100k miles on it and then gave it to one of our cousins who then put another 150k miles on it. As far as I know its still driving around out...
  6. My 10,000 mile XLT review: Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

    Also Alto Blue XLT Lux, the only issue I have with the truck is the paint itself, like others have reported it is super soft, I've had mine two months tomorrow and I already have two chips down to the metal that I had to cover with touch up paint. It also picks up every speck of dust and dirt. I...
  7. The Autopian Review - Every Argument I Made To Trade Our Crossover For A Ford Maverick

    So, other Subaru owners here, do you have really bad road noise or is it just the forester that is like that?
  8. The Autopian Review - Every Argument I Made To Trade Our Crossover For A Ford Maverick

    So I have an interesting perspective on this, the wife has a 2020 Forester and I have an AWD Ecoboost Mav. 1. I wouldn't say its that much more efficient for the EB anyways, maybe 15%. Hell, in city driving my mav averages about 25.5 mpg and 31 highway where as her Sub gets 24 city and I've...
  9. Finally! OFFICIAL 2023 Ford Maverick Ordering Information & FAQ

    I guess the scheduling on first in first out was temporary thing to appease us as it seems they are going back to the dealer allocation system for 2023, everyone better find the biggest dealer around them and place an order quick.
  10. What’s new: changes for 2023 Maverick

    Because its super hot in Louisiana in the summer, if you can have just a little air conditioning going before you get to your car it helps. I used the app most of the time but sometimes i just forget or I can't pull my phone out for some reason and the key fob is convenient
  11. What’s new: changes for 2023 Maverick

    What all does that include? Front and rear badges and what else?
  12. Old School returns

    Seems to be about a 9 month wait on average, depending on your options. If you get a XL Ecoboost with no extra's your are more likely to get it quicker but that is not a guarantee.
  13. Question regarding Suspension Options

    Something I did that wasn't obvious, I was having trouble with my seat being really uncomfortable when driving, I tried a few different things and it didn't help, I then on accident when trying to lean the seat up adjusted the "stiffness" of the seat. I believe it is supposed to be a ride height...
  14. Dealer sold my custom ordered Maverick to someone else, they never called me when it arrived.

    I would be raising hell, including going down and talking to the sales manager in person and requesting the general manager sit in on the meeting. I would also be letting them know, again, in person, that I will be reporting this to the attorney general of the state and ford corporate.
  15. Poorly Executed Door Design

    Same, makes grocery runs easier though
  16. Panda Motorwork's Maverick!

    The only thing I really don't like so far is the third brake light, I think it is ugly and hurts the aesthetic of the truck. I tried to replace it with an LED model but without dropping the whole headliner that will not be possible. A either light cover or replacement outside that works with the...
  17. What’s a good touch up paint? Scratched my Alto Blue

    After I was and waxed my truck this past weekend I found a few rock chips sp I just ordered one for pick up to my local dealer, they actually had it in stock. Alto Blue paint pen, it was $23
  18. Poorly Executed Door Design

    My city is currently under a boil advisory and we have had other instances in the past, I take filtered water with me to work and school everyday. If I will be out of the house longer than three hours I take some as well because its been over 95 degrees everyday since the first week of May...
  19. Poorly Executed Door Design

    It actually fits a bottle of wine perfectly, I used it to bring some home from the grocery store.
  20. Poorly Executed Door Design

    I came on to express my frustration at having tried so many different bottles and none fit the front door pocket and also the the rear is too loose for some bottles and my bottle popped out and spilled 24oz of water all over my floor board.