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  1. Undercoating / rustproofing Mavericks. RU?

    We bought our 2005 Equinox brand new in 2004 and it had zero undercoating, drove it 18 years through every miserable wisconsin winter and had 208,000 miles on it. Had it hauled away a few weeks ago even though it still ran great because the frame and particularly the k member were so rotted the...
  2. What's The Biggest ADM You've Seen On A Maverick?

    Gordie Boucher in Janesville had one that listed at $31k and then they added a $10k Market adjustment onto it. Sad thing is they no longer have it on their website but it was there a month ago, I sincerely hope nobody actually paid that?
  3. How many of you ordered a Maverick without even test driving it?

    I have seen several in person but have not even so much as sat in one, still ordered it though.
  4. Which 2023 Maverick trim did you order?

    I know what it states but I also know my dealer ordered it & I received confirmation from Ford. Thats all I have to go on, is it a screw up or a fluke, we shall see.
  5. Which 2023 Maverick trim did you order?

    I asked my dealer and they said it has something to do with the availability of the parts & that it may take a bit longer to have the vehicle built but we submitted the order and I received the email from Ford stating it was accepted.
  6. Which 2023 Maverick trim did you order?

    Ordered an Atlas blue Lariat with the luxury package, FX4 along with the 4k towing and BAP. Considered a Tremor but will use the towing far more and wasn't willing to sacrifice 2k lbs.