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  1. Hybrid Maverick owners with no issues / problems -- please speak up

    I read so many posts about problems. I thought it would be great to hear from owners with the hybrid engine that have had no problems. I'm planning on ordering a 2023 when the order banks open. That's why I posted here.
  2. Ordering two

    I'm considering ordering two Mavericks. One with no restraints and one with CP360 etc. See which one comes in first. Anyone else?
  3. M23 ordering

    My dealer Mossy Ford, just called and said "they are able to pre-order the Maverick. We submit it and when it opens again you are automatically entered, we just need your DR copy, $500 deposit and the build." Anyone else heard this?
  4. 2023 ordering

    Talked to the sales manager at local Ford dealer today. Was not very encouraging about being able to order a 2023 Maverick Hybrid when the bank opens Aug. 16th. Said that there is a huge backlog of '22 orders that will be converted to '23. And demand is so high I would be lucky to be in on the...