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  1. July 1st 2021 order confirmation.

    I finally received my scheduled for production email!!! June 20th. Hybrid XLT luxury spray in bed liner sliding rear window shadow black. I’ve hardly even been paying attention to this board or any maverick news the last couple months. Just makes me frustrated. So stoked to finally have good...
  2. Already being built

    So I just got off the phone with Damerow Ford in Oregon to cancel my order. I found another dealer selling at msrp and got a Ford confirmation immediately. Which I never received from Damerow and they had a mark up. They tried to keep me from canceling and even said that it’s 2 weeks into...
  3. Oregon

    After getting the run around from various dealers I got in contact with Dave at Gresham Ford. And after a few emails I submitted my reservation and received the confirmation from Ford within minutes. No deposit, no mark up, no bs.
  4. 2022 Maverick first-look impressions & details by Doug Demuro

    Just came across this video. Best one I’ve seen that covers all the cool interior features. I haven’t seen it posted here, I’m trying to keep up.