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  1. New York WTB Maverick or Bronco Sport 17" Wheels (Upstate NY/Western Mass/VT)

    I'm one of those who like to have a dedicated set of wheels w/snows for the winter. I recently purchased a 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands and am looking for a set of wheels to use for snow tires. Any of the 17" Maverick wheels would be fine, including the steel wheels used on the Maverick XL.
  2. Fog Lights?

    I just watched another FTL Truck video: where at about 1:06 into the video he mentions fog lights, but not on the XLT trim. However, I don't remember seeing any mention of fog-lights anywhere for this (for any trim level or package). Did I just miss it or is this something not available at all?