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  1. Finally built! 467 days after ordering...

    "Great news! Your 2022 Maverick XLT has been built. We are performing some final inspections on your vehicle and getting it ready for shipment. Our current estimate for delivery to Candy Ford, Inc. is between October 21, 2022 and October 27, 2022." It's real and it's spectacular...
  2. I ordered 10 months ago!

    June 14th...potentially in production next week.
  3. Average wait time for most?

    If I'm lucky...around 17 months. Ordered day 2. Scheduled for build the week of 9/19.
  4. My hybrid xlt finally got scheduled for production after a year

    I ordered on 6/14/21 and am scheduled same week. 🤞
  5. How long it to get a VIN after ordering?

    XLT Lux Hybrid ordered on 6/14/21 received vin 8/29/22
  6. June 2021 Hybrid Orders

    June 15th order. I would be happy with a VIN...I got nothin' yet.
  7. Because I have to amuse myself with the stupidity of it all...

    I sent the following to [email protected] yesterday: Good afternoon Customer service- Let me preface this by saying I’m not expecting any actual “customer service” so you are off the hook. Feel free to stop reading now. Nothing beyond this point is going to move anyone at Ford to action. I...
  8. How should I celebrate my 1 year order anniversary...???

    sorry I missed this. You are 100%. I’ll wait another year for 3 in a row against those rat [email protected]@rds!!! Go Green!
  9. Need Some Advice

    More specifically identify a $2000 coolant leak. Also how many miles and general condition of Sonic.
  10. will I ever receive my Maverick

    Ordered June 15th. Tomorrow is week #53. I have received exactly what you have received.
  11. How should I celebrate my 1 year order anniversary...???

    Thanks...that's it...but i'd rather wait for the truck i want.
  12. How should I celebrate my 1 year order anniversary...???

    Next Wednesday is my anniversary date. I ordered XLT Hybrid in HPRed. How should I celebrate??? Drink heavily because I have no build date yet? Drink heavily because I'm missing out on hybrid mpgs? Curse under my breath at Ford and any Maverick Hybrid owner that is driving around in a truck...
  13. Aftermarket cruise control experience?

    Honestly...very easy. The only "difficult" part is pulling the collar off around the steering wheel. On my cheapo Spark, the locking tabs looked flimsy. The interface can either be spliced in to wiring or just plugged into OBDC2 port. On a 0-10 difficulty scale...2 tops.
  14. Aftermarket cruise control experience?

    I installed on my Chevy Spark. Took about 45 minutes. Works great. I believe I paid around $150
  15. Customer Liability

    Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your deposit is refundable. That is completely up to individual dealers. MOST absolutely will but you will need to clarify first. I would suggest going to and deciding what you first. Stop into dealer and place order. Very simple process.
  16. Hybrid can tow many #s do you feel comfortable towing with it?

    Nothing to understand. My fully loaded camper weights about 1800-1850# with gear. (I'm under GVWR/GCWR/tongue weight). I was just saying it probably can physically tow more (with undetermined safety). I'm just looking forward to towing with a new toy.
  17. Hybrid can tow many #s do you feel comfortable towing with it?

    Thanks for website...that makes it way easier to calculate. (y)
  18. Hybrid can tow many #s do you feel comfortable towing with it?

    I wouldn't ever exceed GVWR...that's just asking for problems. I'm just surmising that it is probably a tad higher that 2000# in reality. May be that means 2050, 2100, or 2500. I know my Jetta TDI was rated very differently in countries outside the USA.
  19. Why no FX4 package on XL trim?

    Early June: "How can Ford offer a hybrid pickup starting at less than $20k....It doesn't seem possible???" Early July: "How can Ford not offer a vehicle that I can option to every one of my personal whims...???"
  20. Special Finance APR Rates Released for Maverick

    I have never seen an origination fee on an auto loan. I would guess you would only see those at the poor-credit self-financing dealers like JD Byrider