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  1. Ford site: "Starting at $22,280"

    So I was at and I saw the below... in one spot it says starting at 19,995, which is what we all know the base price is. Then in another spot on the same page, it says starting at 22,280. The footnote is the same for both, "excluding destination, fees, etc etc etc".... Anybody...
  2. Multiple orders per person?

    Hello Is there a limit as to the number of orders an individual can have with ford? Reason I ask is i can order a maverick with dealership x with no deposit. However, dealership x cannot give me a contract price yet. My suspicion is that they are willing to gamble that they can get me for a...
  3. Anybody in Hawaii?

    We don't have the luxury of traveling in search of a good deal (or competent dealership), so if there are any other Hawai'i folks on here I figure it would be beneficial for us to share info.