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  1. Clover mites!

    It’s a brand new model, there were bound to be ’bugs’
  2. Not seeing Mavericks in the wild... why not? How about your community?

    Drove my Mav from St. Louis to Baltimore round trip, pulling 3800ish lbs, stopped in remote W.Virginia gas station and another XLT pulled up, only one I saw the whole trip.
  3. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    You will love it!
  4. No choice, but to sell my Maverick???

    All I can say is the dealer gave me a full size Bronco soft top for 2 days till they checked my Maverick gas tank and I DID NOT care for the Bronco……noisy, top heavy, bouncy, digital dash sucks, hate the control, (heated seats, etc), layout. Just my opinion that unless you’r current everyday...
  5. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    FYI: an 82” monster fits…….barely….
  6. Show your Maverick Christmas gifts

    plastic/rubber 2 x 6 for flex bed
  7. Feel like a Kid @ the Maverick

    Great question, yes, I really have had over 100 cars, maybe closer to 125. As an example, I lived in Italy for over three years. I owned and sold over 5-7 cars every other month. I would try out different types and drive them for awhile and then sell for a profit to NATO personnel. I had a...
  8. Feel like a Kid @ the Maverick

    I am 64 and have owned over a hundred cars in my life, most brand new and some very expensive vehicles. Here I catch myself (with a $30k mini-truck), going outside to just look at my Maverick! At night, I open the door just to have the interior lights on to gawk! I am in love with this thing, it...
  9. Which tailgate Letters for Alto Blue?

    I went with thin blue line, they complement the Alto Blue and have many people think they look awesome!
  10. Personalized / vanity license plate for your Maverick??

    Got my new plates today for my Alto Blue XLT
  11. FINALLY!

    Lol, I was there before they opened,!
  12. FINALLY!

    Picked her up tokay! Ordered on June 9th. XLT, AWD, LUXERY, 4K, ALTO BLUE FULL SIZE SPARE When arrived at dealership, 3 people were all checking her out! On way home, three cars came up and gave me the thumbs up! Awesome ride and frankly, exceeded my expectations! Could not be happier! (Pics...
  13. 📊 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Ordered June 9, XLT, Alto Blue, AWD, luxury pkg, full size spare. Arrived at dealer this morning at 6:00 am! ABOUT TIME!!!
  14. Gator SFX Tri-fold

    I ordered one, saw reviews on great fit and at $300 shipped, so much cheaper than stock, will take gamble. Gator has excellent return policy anyway in case.
  15. Maverick "Rattler" Off-Road Prototype Spied Testing!

  16. Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    It was a stupid joke for stupid people