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  1. Order confirmation email questions

    Best of luck to you as well!!
  2. Couldn't Resist Joining MTC

  3. Instructions for doing a ROVP?

    ROVP - Retail Order Verification Process** COVP - Customer Order Verification Process** **Something along those lines, may not be the exactly wording.
  4. POLL: What is your Priority Code?

    I am Priority Code 19. Asked my dealer to bump it down a bit. (Let them know I am aware of the conversions getting priority over new MY23 orders) Dealer said they will not change it from 19 because they want to keep it 'fair'. Since when do dealers consider themselves as a place where things...
  5. How many Mavericks have you seen?

    Being in Phoenix, AZ I see maybe 1-2 Mavericks a week. It is such a special feeling when I see one though... Can't wait for mine!!!
  6. 2023 Order "In Order Processing"?

    Think of it as Ad-Blocker on your Browser except... you install it from your Modem/Wifi so it blocks all in-coming ad-ware on all your devices connected to your home network. It is physical hardware that is programmed for this purpose. A raspberry pi
  7. Which 2023 Maverick trim did you order?

    Great choice on the color 😉 I'd take caution ordering a 2023 with the Spray-In Bed liner. It is on the constraints list. You can always have it installed after you receive your vehicle at a dealer or Line-X of some sort.
  8. Build a Maverick Option email from Dealer

    Woow, that is pretty interesting.. I have never been inside a 'modern' ranger, but I do not find them as physically appealing as a Maverick. Maybe its the whole 'looking like a tacoma' thing. I will say... the 2023 Ranger does look a big more trucky tho since they removed the squinty headlights 😉
  9. Build a Maverick Option email from Dealer

    With Bull*** taxes it came up just shy of 32k... but I guess it is something to accept.
  10. Build a Maverick Option email from Dealer

    Possibly... 🤔 It's the first time I hear about it and I have been to that dealership about 3 times in-person now. It definately would've been nice to know.
  11. Build a Maverick Option email from Dealer

    You are 100% right there. I ended up getting AWD/FX4/4K since I will be on a lot of dirt roads and plan on moving some stuff around my properly with it. I ended around $29,600 for my build, still ecstatic that it stayed barely under 30k lol
  12. Build a Maverick Option email from Dealer

    When I compared my 2022 build to my 2023 order, I noticed about a $600-$700 price increase on the same build. My sales person let me know of this ahead of time though.
  13. Build a Maverick Option email from Dealer

    Just got an email from my dealer letting buyers know that the Maverick Order Banks will be coming to a close very soon. Within the same email they included a link to their Dealer Site with a Build a Maverick options to place an order. Kinda wish I knew about this prior to already meeting the...
  14. Which 2023 Maverick trim did you order?

    Oxford White XLT 2.0 ECO FX4 4K
  15. Anyone gotten a 2023 VIN / window sticker yet?

    Got confirmation that I will be getting my Mav delivered next week on Thursday. Only took 1 week from order to delivery!!! Amazing turn-around time ;)
  16. ⛔️ Official bulletin: 2023 Maverick order banks closing on 9/20 (Hybrid) and 9/21 (EcoBoost)

    Thanks for bringing this up! Gave them a call just now and they confirmed it is in the system.
  17. For those who successfully have placed orders, what paperwork did you get from your dealer?

    Here is a screenshot of the DORA sent by the Sales Manager at my dealer.
  18. 2023 Maverick XLT FX4 AWD Order Placed

    Gotcha, we will see how this goes. Happy to say I have family working at the Ford Plant in Hermosillo, he is waiting for my VIN# so he help me in tracking my Mav.
  19. 2023 Maverick XLT FX4 AWD Order Placed

    Like many of us who scour this forum looking for answers, I finally made the jump and landed me an order with Sanderson Ford located in Glendale, Arizona. No ADMs and No Reservation Fee, music to my ears. If you are in the Greater Phoenix Area, I recommend checking these guys out. They have...
  20. OFFICIAL: 2023 Maverick Order Bank opens today (9/15/22) at 4:30 ET / 3:30 CT / 1:30 PT!

    I was not a re-order, but I did meet my local dealer a few months back to create a draft for my 2023 Maverick. They called me 10 minutes ago to confirm my order and let me know they will be submitting it shortly. Not too sure what is going on here... 🤔