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  1. Dealer claims that 2023 Hybrid orders just placed will not be filled this model year

    Hi, I'm in SA too. So in 2022 Jim Click in Green Valley was willing to do X-Plan and no dealer add ons required. The Sales guy Andy treated me well... so this year I wanted to get a 2023 through him. (Jim Click in Tucson would not do X-Plan or not require the dealer adds ons, nor would Homes...
  2. How to determine protected X-Plan price when invoice shows price increases

    Fossil, you clearly know the ins and outs of the plans. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge!
  3. How to determine protected X-Plan price when invoice shows price increases

    It did not matter to me one way or the other. The dealer was over all BS free for the 2022. However when it came time to order a 2023, the BS arrived. No longer willing to honor X-Plan, required dealer added junk... Went from a dealership I was impressed with to one to avoid. The dealer I went...
  4. How to determine protected X-Plan price when invoice shows price increases

    I went through this. I have no idea if my situation is typical or not but what occurred is I got a $900 check in the mail about 4 months after I got the truck.
  5. What happens if we don't get our MY2023?

    For me the appeal was the 42 MPG hybrid. If Ford had not offered a hybrid Maverick I would not have purchased a Maverick. Currently there's nothing that competes with the Maverick that offers a hybrid and it appears there won't be anything competing with the Maverick hybrid for several more...
  6. If they made a full EV Maverick, would you buy, switch?

    I've come to that conclusion myself but I want to plug in hybrid with a larger battery. If I can get 25 to 50 miles without the engine kicking in, that would be great. The plug-in part of the hybrid, just another way to charge the battery as needed.
  7. Really bad in-city mileage.

    My mpg went up when I started using higher octane fuel. (92) The break coach triggers ADD and OCD!
  8. The Autopian Review - Every Argument I Made To Trade Our Crossover For A Ford Maverick

    I agree. I don't want politics in any form mixed with stuff about automobiles. I damn sure don't want to be lectured by some snotty nose kid. Jalopnik drank the same kool-aid that ESPN did.... Heres to hoping it was grape and good riddance. Btw, love our 2022 Hybrid Lariat Lux so much that we...
  9. How many of you ordered a Maverick without even test driving it?

    Yes, and that was 10k miles ago. Ordering Maverick hybrid #2 as I write this.
  10. Any Dealers doing X-Plan?

    Went to order a 2023 Maverick Lariat Lux Hybrid. The dealer I got my 2022 Maverick Lariat from will no longer honor X-Plan. ( Yes keeping 22, we want a second Maverick.) It's now MSRP + Dealer option package (3K of typical dealer add on overpriced worthless junk) + $500 doc fees. Any Dealers out...
  11. 10% over MSRP

    The dealer I purchased a 2022 Maverick from just did the same to me. Jim Click Ford) I am now going elsewhere including out of state if needed.
  12. Buyers Remorse?

    I am so upset with the Maverick that 3 months, 5K flawless miles later, as soon as the 2023 orders open up (in a bit over two weeks from now) we will order a SECOND Hybrid Maverick.
  13. Why have a tachometer

    ..... I remember the days of almost no gauges and other than the speedometer, just idiot lights... It was a very dumb idea. I'll always go with gauges even if they're not needed like they once were. The best thing in that space is, if not a Tach would be other gauges, water temp, oil temp...
  14. Driving your Maverick Fast

    Mine is smooth at 100... Was tested several times this past weekend for several miles on I-10 and I-25. Very poised, no concerns whatsoever. I routinely do 80-90 on the interstate when conditions permit.
  15. Best place to fill up a Maverick

    Yes, I'm easily amused at times. Thought it was a fun photo op.
  16. Best place to fill up a Maverick

    Nice, I was not aware of the connection. I am just glad it is a thing now. A very yummy thing!
  17. Best place to fill up a Maverick

    Hatch is a very small town. Other than green chilies and a couple of really good restaurants not much going on. If you do a road trip through the area, plan to hit Sparky's Thursday through Sunday. Well worth it.