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  1. Finally - Window Sticker

    Went on the Ford Website and was able to download my Vehicle Window sticker!!! Ordered on 6/8 - Lariat Hybrid, Lux Pkg, 360, Hot Red Pepper. With this step I assume that they are building the vehicle. It sure has been a long wait to get to this point.
  2. MAVERICKS Are Arriving at Local Dealer

    Stopped by my local Ford Dealer here in Middle Tennessee and right in front of me were two Maverick Trucks. One was White (XL) and one Blue (XLT) with one other, some where at the dealership. The two I saw were sold and the sales person said the other one was still available. So, they are now...
  3. Interest in the Maverick is spreading

    Yesterday I was at my local convenience store talking to the owner about the Maverick and one guy joined into the conversation and said he heard that Ford was bringing out a new smaller pickup truck called Maverick. I said yes and was telling him about it and about the Maverick forum when about...
  4. Saw a Maverick Commercial

    Was on the computer and up popped a 1 minute 30 second MAVERICK COMMERCIAL! The theme was "who is the Maverick for". Cool commercial and at the end it dropped the "FORD Tough Logo". Have not seen it on broadcast TV yet.
  5. How many Maverick orders so far?

    Do you think that Ford has gotten 50,000 orders so far to show them they "Hit the Nail on the Head" with the new Maverick?
  6. Ford Dealer Salesman Info

    Stopped at my local Ford Dealer today and asked about any knowledge that had on the New Maverick Pickup. They admitted that they do not know anything other than what is available online. In fact the sales person recommended a web site to get the latest info, it was "mavericktruckclub". So it...