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  1. Help identifying switch at end of turn signal stalk

    It is on page 231 In the PDF owners manual under lane keeping system.
  2. Brake caliper covers from MGP Calipers installed

    I agree with your comment. Mine are brand new so I don’t have too much cleanup. A good dose of dawn dry and paint. In a year I will pop for the covers
  3. Brake caliper covers from MGP Calipers installed

    They look nice but some high temp red paint would by a lot cheaper.
  4. Help identifying switch at end of turn signal stalk

    You do have maps as part of the Ford Connect.
  5. Help identifying switch at end of turn signal stalk

    in the Ford pass connect app which comes with the truck Select the APP and it will take you to pass port connect. Two possible selections 1 . Vehicle hotspot 2. Connectivity Settings. Select this one and it brings up 4 options Vehicle Connectivity, location, veh. Data & remote control then...
  6. Request: Alto Blue with BAP Black Apperance Package

    Search Joe’s Maverick and you will see the alto blue w/black wheels
  7. Pre collision alert not working?

    I like the lane departure and the space between cars set up. I am older now and don’t have the reflexes of a 50 year old any longer. I do the steering not the car. I do not remember the minimum speed before it works. I think you have to be traveling over 45 to 50 for it to in gage. It...
  8. Pre collision alert not working?

    Mine works fine. I tried to make it do something myself like driving up fast on the car in front of me.. that did not work. I was driving about 60 mph and a car changed lanes in front of me and center of the dash where the lane departure and the car image is turned red and stayed red until we...
  9. Help identifying switch at end of turn signal stalk

    I would suggest you spend sometime with your owners Manuel so you know what is what. It took me about 4 hours to master all the set ups. When you get to the maps read All the paragraphs about notifying your insurane carrier.
  10. Is a Bigger Hybrid crunch coming? -- warning signs do exist.

    Look at the Fox allocation published a week ago by Ford were something like 27% of 2023 production will be hybred. That should answer your question.
  11. Another DEAD Maverick Hybrid

    I have AAA with the up to 200 miles of towing. I don’t mess with the company (ford) towing package. My fall back is my State Farm towing where I pay the bill and they reimburse me. I do not pay for the towing to the service location or my home. If the car is under warranty in most cases ford...
  12. What's your MPG from EcoBoost AWD model? & FWD Slipeey

    Did you buy the ICE for gas milage or fun. I get over all 25 to 28 mpg. Much better than 16 to 18 mpg on my 2009 Honda. I bought this truck for fun not mpg.
  13. FWIW department: 143 Day delivery time for 2023 Mavericks?

    I talked to a friend today who works for a major OEM and his comment was the logistic chain is in total disarray. Parts shortages at all levels of the build from fastners to complete sub assemblies in the US and over seas. His comment was if you have What you need today you may be out of it...
  14. Ecoboost Engine Cover Clarification

    Thanks for the post. My Lariat is the same stud no problem. I have the all wheel drive and looking at this engine bay I am happy I sprung for the extended warranty because I just see a lot of labor hours to do anything on this truck. I am glad I looked now.
  15. FWIW department: 143 Day delivery time for 2023 Mavericks?

    Interesting time for delivery. 143 days for a 5 day week is 28.6 weeks not counting holidays. With all the orders being taken within a two week window someone is going to be waiting a long time. I do not know the production rate at this plant but when I worked on the Dodge truck line in...
  16. How to Ford Finance? Promo rates?

    When you. Go to close the deal you will meet with the finance person who should shop for a interest rate for the term based on your credit rating. The rates are going up and if you believe the news the fed is going to raise rates again this month. We were looking at a rate above 3% through our...
  17. Anyone else keep bouncing back and forth on what trim to get? I thought I had it figured out!

    I j purchased a maverick someone slaked away from so I went real deep in. My perfect package for the maverick was the XLT with lux pkg and copilot 360. I was fine until my wife saw a Larait i felt the best configuration for Me was the XLT 2.0 with the lux package and copilot 360 for all the...
  18. Bed Top Tent Installed

    What is The weight capacity for two adults. When folded don for travel can you store gear in It?