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  1. Maverick on Aftermarket 17x8" Fifteen52 Metrix MX Bronze Wheels and 245/65/17 BFG Trail Terrain Tires

    dont love them but dont hate them - better than most of what ive seen on this forum so far. this truck is really going to be an interesting platform for wheel/tire sets.
  2. Picked up my Cactus Gray XL this weekend. Some feedback / notes

    Can you talk about seat cushion/comfort? Thanks!
  3. AREA 51 Maverick Club

    right? isnt that way illegal (and not helpful)
  4. AREA 51 Maverick Club

    I dont know why you people do limo tint - its hard to see out of at night.
  5. Bronco Sport wheels on a Maverick LX - pics!

    Im partial to the steelies honestly.
  6. Alpha Foxtrot 17" wheels with Falken Wildpeak AT3W 235/65/17 tires on Maverick XL

    They dont look very good. Different than stock but not appreciably better than stock. You arent the first/wont be the last.
  7. Soft paint? Rock chips after 400 miles

    most PFF installers wont do PPF on a car unless its at least 30 days old from paint/repaint.
  8. Details on Connected Touch Radio -- the Maverick XLT and XL audio system

    i have wireless carplay as a china addon to my porsche (its a daughter board and some ribbon cables with a control box). when it works i love it. never have an issue with the phone - even on long road trips.
  9. Let’s talk 2.0 Tunes. Who you going to?

    the 2015-2019 ecoboost motors (1.5, 2.0, and i think 2.3) were derived from the Mazda partnership but a different take on the motors. ford however fucked up and did some idiotic thing with the cylinder design which allowed for multiple engines to let coolant leak into the cylinder. this in...
  10. Let’s talk 2.0 Tunes. Who you going to?

    considering the time bombs the previous ecoboosts were id likely only get a Ford tune while under warranty - and sell the truck before the warranty is up (unless of course the engines end up being actually reliable this round.
  11. Soft paint? Rock chips after 400 miles

    The reason modern day paint is a shit is because of EPA/environmentally conscious actions taken by manufacturers. Toyota ran into a rift of shit over their white paint - which from my fren who works at Toyota in their body shop, they are covering under warranty - but was caused by eco friendly...
  12. 2.0 AWD Real World MPG???

    Mr JonBok - i would highly recommend you fill it up with 93, record your mileage, and then after half a tank or so fill it up again - record your gallons and current mileage and do math. this way you can be absolutely clear about what your vehicle is actually doing. i know you shouldnt have to...
  13. Test drive, My thoughts on the XLT AWD Maverick.

    How was the seat comfort? The cushioning?
  14. ALPHAequipt Foxtrot 17" Aftermarket Wheels on the MAVERICK!!

    super lower end of mediocre hopefully we'll start seeing some super hero type stuff coming through soon.
  15. Seat Comparison (Cloth vs. ActiveX)

    if there is an appreciable seat comfort difference (cushion primarily) between the active X and the Xl/XLT seats then Ill be on the lookout for seats from a wrecked Lariat. cant justify the $5k price difference. ford ought to let us just buy them as options.
  16. First Maverick in Calgary, Alberta? XL 4K EB @ Crowfoot Ford

    Can you say how comfortable the XL seats are? Appreciate any comparison .
  17. 2022 Maverick Fitted With Aftermarket Wheels - 17" Motegi MR144 in Silver

    I know that - which is why many OEM wheels look decent at smaller sizes. AFTERMARKET WHEELS - many are designed to go with a smaller tire to create the look. Those lipped rims are an example of that. I have a simply philosophy with auto modifications: Better than stock The end result...
  18. 2022 Maverick Fitted With Aftermarket Wheels - 17" Motegi MR144 in Silver

    some people think the transformer movies are good.....
  19. 2022 Maverick Fitted With Aftermarket Wheels - 17" Motegi MR144 in Silver

    pretty terrible look honestly. 17" is wayyy too small for an aftermarket rim for a wheel well that size.