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  1. 📡 Official Release: 42 MPG CITY for the 2022 Maverick Hybrid!

    Its great to hear that the EPA has given this MPG ratings. I'm glad I have had my order in for months so hopefully orders will be filled soon. (HEHE)
  2. 5'5" & 5'1" drivers size comparison & feedback with 2.0 Maverick - for the shorter owners / driver / passenger

    From what I have read and heard it does not have a memory setting so if you move the seat you will have to readjust it yourself. I cant wait to get mine but my dealer called me the other day as they received 4 Mavericks that are waiting for owners to come pick them up. I was able to sit in an...
  3. DELIVERED! Maverick Owner Review & Impressions of Cactus Gray XLT 2.0 EB, AWD, LUX, FX4, 4K TOW, 360

    Thanks for the feed back on the color as that is what I have on order.
  4. Hello fellow Floridians!!!

    I have ordered from Jarrett Gordon Ford Davenport. My Sales Rep is a great guy (Brandon Deese) Yes they I have been given X Plan pricing and no dealer mark up. If you don't mind the drive they are located a I4 Exit 55. Tell Brandon I sent you so he can give you the X plan pricing.
  5. My order on hold due to "Material Hold" ?

    Today I took the splash guards off and the hold should be removed. Thanks
  6. My order on hold due to "Material Hold" ?

    Thanks I will contact dealer now and take splash guards off and see what happens
  7. My order on hold due to "Material Hold" ?

    XLT 2.5 Hybrid Moon Roof XLT Package Rear Window slider Splash Guards Co Pilot 360
  8. My order on hold due to "Material Hold" ?

    I had my Dealer check the ROVP system and it said my order is on hold for a material hold. I don't know what material is on hold.
  9. Hello fellow Floridians!!!

    Davenport,FL Here XLT with XLT Premium package Cactus Gray