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  1. What is the point of my Ford Dealer?

    If you have had the misfortune of having to hang around a car dealership for any amount of time, it’s easy to see what takes up most of a salesperson’s day. Yes, they may have sales meetings on certain mornings, but in between actual selling duties they just "hang out" waiting for the next...
  2. What is up with Ford?

    As I describe in another thread, I have been going back and forth with my dealer about info on my build since September. On 08/30 the order was placed. DORA was processed 09/09. sales rep kept telling me my order was in but I never received anything from Ford OR the dealer. Went in yesterday...
  3. Not "Boomer" friendly... no Sirius XM, no CD player

    Ford must be surprised at the attention the MAV is getting from the geriatric crowd. We might be old, but we ain’t stupid. We know a good deal when we see one. Right time. Right vehicle. Right price!
  4. My Last Sleepless Night

    OK, I know you guys are itching to find out what happens when you go storming into your dealership with a string of unreasonable demands. Well, I took the good advice I got here and changed my approach. I just said I would like to have a printout of my agreed-upon deal, and that I would really...
  5. My Last Sleepless Night

    Thanks guys. I didn’t want to demand anything I couldn’t reasonably expect. My offer of $500 over invoice was immediately accepted by the dealer, and I assumed when they asked for my license and took my deposit, that we legally had a deal. But I don’t have anything in hand, in terms of...
  6. My Last Sleepless Night

    Not that it hasn’t been fun distracting myself by talking with you guys on this forum, but my patience has finally come to an end and I’m tired of waking up at 3 AM, wondering if I bought a vehicle or not. All I’ve gotten from my dealer is promises and assurances that my order has been placed...
  7. Understanding Chip Shortages

    It's because now we only have time for bits and bytes
  8. Understanding Chip Shortages

    Fortunately, my Father-In-Law first placed our order over 90 years ago, before the shortage
  9. Not "Boomer" friendly... no Sirius XM, no CD player

    Here’s a news flash for you: You eventually get to an age where the music of your own mind is an often used option
  10. Understanding Chip Shortages

    My apologies. If you live long enough you will eventually be admonished for living in the past, no matter how flexible and adaptive you are. MY big come-uppance is apparently being caught reading a MAGAZINE (talk about retro). I will take my punishment and try not to reference this relic from a...
  11. Can someone explain? XLT interior vs XL interior

    Anyone wanting to add aftermarket electronics should insure that all the necessary elements are included in the package. I had an audio dealer install a head unit in my Transit Connect early this year. I have been waiting for the steering wheel control module to come for 7 months now.
  12. Understanding Chip Shortages

    I had no intention of being rude. If there was an online source for the article I would have gladly posted it. I'm aware that not many people pay for magazines in this era. My wife does because her father was one of the first subscribers of TIME, almost 100 years ago, and she has kept up the...
  13. Understanding Chip Shortages

    Link? High points? Some of you have been spoiled by the internet, which seems to save you from all effort. This is an ANALOG source, and it's lengthy- you remember...the PRINTED word. It's not my job to sit here and create a synopsis for you. Either you have enough interest to chase it down or...
  14. Understanding Chip Shortages

    A heads-up for anyone who wants to understand more about what's behind the current shortage of chips - The October 11 issue of TIME magazine contains a most informative article on the world of chip-making, and it's influence on commerce and politics. A "must read."
  15. Maverick AWD Offroad Review by Driving Sports TV

    Since placing my order (Sept 1st) and entering this wishful dream state, I have been thinking that, with the state of the planet, and the inevitable rise of the cost of gasoline, maybe I should have gone with the Hybrid. I work on my property and am not forced to go out into really harsh...
  16. Arrrgh..originally scheduled for 10/11....I may cry...

    Probably pointless to waste ANY time calling Ford at this point. I went through that weeks ago. Was promised I would get an email in three days. Nothing! Dealer is still telling me they are having trouble with emails (whatever that means) but assures me I am in the system. Obviously, whatever...
  17. 📬 10/14 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Arriving!]

    I'm heading over to look at Frontiers now. I've owned three. Was that my destiny and I just never knew it?
  18. 1227.7 Miles - An Unbiased Maverick Lariat Owner's Review

    Thanks for your very honest review. Takes a bit of the gloss off, but also makes it clear that, no matter your configuration, this is an economy-level vehicle, and confirms that I shouldn’t expect it to match the quality of my wife’s BMW’s
  19. Cactus Grey with Lariat Interior - color combination?

    Welcome to the world of algorithms and packages. You are now expected to agree with "X" number of available choices - even if you are buying the "loaded" version. You are also confronting the ugly fact that this is an economy vehicle (though luxury vehicles are in much the same state, though not...
  20. Can the Ford Maverick Truck become an Icon?

    That's probably true - especially if you paid the dealer markup!