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  1. Build date moved again

    Congratulations on having a build Date?
  2. Song game thread

    GO your own way- Fleetwood Mac
  3. Email notification comes from what Ford email address?

    No confirmation yet. Call weekly for fun. The fleet manager placed the order- have to think he knows how to place the order, highly likely my email was “accidentally” left off the order…but yeah. 9/12 order.
  4. What is the point of my Ford Dealer?

    The third person at the third dealer I called to convert my reservation has been pretty good, the other two didn’t want to make a phone call to take my money. This guy only tried to sell me one extra before he realized I knew exactly what I was after. He only messed up one item on the DORA (easy...
  5. Website now showing "Limited Availability" for all Maverick trims

    Odd- don’t get the limited in California, in spite of the fact that “limited” is a really gentle way of saying “none of these have shipped.”
  6. Customized headlights, taillights, emblems, grille, and wheels are on

    Truck is looking good but we need more Beef content. Annabelle is growing quite fond of him.
  7. What is up with Ford?

    Ha! Y’all got confirmation emails? I just framed my DORA and hung it on the wall next to a wooden plank I got on Etsy that says “persistence”.
  8. Dealer wouldn't take my order and said hybrids won't be available...

    Well I know that they are being built…and that he doesn’t know anything. That is where the amusement comes in. Only thing he has on me is that he has actually seen a Maverick
  9. Dealer wouldn't take my order and said hybrids won't be available...

    Haha- just spoke to my rep and he tells me the hybrid is not even being built yet. This game is losing its charm so quickly. Just call me when mine gets there
  10. Standard speakers any good?

    He said water bottle- everyone drink! Seriously though…I have never worried too much about sound quality (most of my music was not recorded under optimal production circumstances) but this comment has me wondering if location is an unsolvable issue? Anyway- I have only built one stereo system...
  11. What types of products do you want to see made?

    +1 on bull bar, one that would accept fog lights. As my dogs are the only creatures that would ever ride in the back, a rear seat delete like the Goose gear would make that space all the more usable for me (it is my understanding that goose gear has no plans to make one for the Maverick).
  12. Interactive Garage now has Maverick for virtual modding / customizing

    Well there goes the rest of my evening… My poor wife. She is already tired of “check this out…”
  13. Song game thread

    Need you tonight- Inxs
  14. Maverick Memes - fun diversion while we wait [ ** NO POLITICS ** ]

    Oh my god there are 40 pages since I was last here. This is gonna take a minute
  15. Not "Boomer" friendly... no Sirius XM, no CD player

    I actually kind of miss the Thomas Guide. When I bought one in college I get so adult. Remember these?
  16. Plastic lumber divider in Maverick Flexbed installed [length = 54 1/4 inches]!

    Wow- they are not cheap. Never cut or used this type of material. Assume It cuts like wood and would likely be lifetime? Because half a 2x4 and paint is about $5 comparatively.
  17. Surprised how many online ‘reviewers’ get so much wrong

    Pretty sure they are both pretty drunk. If that is what it takes to be A YouTube car reviewer..hold my beer.
  18. Surprised how many online ‘reviewers’ get so much wrong

    God…I normally don’t try to go to this place, but did you really expect this to be full of meaning and information? Because I was out the first second. These two have a. Pre-gamed, and b. well, fill in what you will, but there were cocktails here