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  1. 🚨My Hybrid Maverick window sticker with MPG!! 37 combined / 42 city / 33 highway

    I can't wait to stop driving my '98 F-150 80 miles round trip to work everyday. I'm getting about 17 mpg on my highway drive! 😂
  2. Maverick scheduling upcoming week (of 10/4) for production build week 11/22

    Does this mean they will be scheduling even less Mavericks next week?
  3. Maverick scheduling upcoming week (of 9/13) for production build weeks 10/18, 10/25, 11/1 and 11/8

    What's that song? 🎶I keep hopin' & wishin' & thinkin' & prayin'🎶😂😢😭
  4. News: First Edition Maverick should see scheduling in September/October (Rapid Red available for Nov. production)

    I'm right there with you. I live and die everyday waiting for these posts. 😆😂😢😭