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  1. I’m Stuck—Hybrid or Turbo AWD?

    From what you have said I think the hybrid with winter tires is your best bet. I live in the Canadian Rockies and am getting a 2.0 eco boost AWD. Price is not the main issue for me. My wife wants AWD and you can only get that with the 2.0 eco boost.;)
  2. 5'5" & 5'1" drivers size comparison & feedback with 2.0 Maverick - for the shorter owners / driver / passenger

    Thanks for the photos, I am also not 6 feet tall. I like that you can reach the bottom of the box. I am to old to be jumping on the rear tire to get anything out of the box.
  3. Ford Emails in Canada

    I have nothing from FORD. It seems to all go through the dealer. Our dealer is getting a stock unit in 2 weeks but nothing on our order.
  4. Wheres everyone in The Great White North?

    Creston BC
  5. Which do you think will have less problems/ better longevity the hybrid or eco boost?

    Carbon build up on a direct injection is a fact of life. In 100k kilometres (60k miles) you have to walnut blast the intake, it is just part of regular maintenance. I have dealt with this on other direct injection engines. Not a big deal for me. Oil catch can will also help with carbon built up.