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  1. 🧭 Track Your Maverick Order by VIN + Order Number [& Get Your Window Sticker]

    I have a build date of 11/01 (email from Ford just like original order confirmation) and nothing has been sent to me changing that date. No window sticker either, just looked. Hoping as it gets closer that it shows up? Perhaps it doesn't until it's built? I don't know.
  2. 🚨My Hybrid Maverick window sticker with MPG!! 37 combined / 42 city / 33 highway

    I keep looking for a window sticker (build date 11/01) but alas nothing yet! I know probably too early but seeing that window sticker does get me excited 🤣 and I'm 76!
  3. Tonneau covers - trifold vs hard roll up?

    Thanks for the pictures! It helps to give me an idea real world what one is like!
  4. Tonneau covers - trifold vs hard roll up?

    Anyone like to share pros and cons with a hard roll-up and a hard trip-fold tonneau cover. I originally ordered the hard roll-up but deleted it because of constraints. Now I'm either going with one or the other probably dealer installed, but now I don't know which is better? Any help would be...
  5. * UPDATE*10/20* Dealer Hybrid hasn't been approved by government

    We do know that there are hybrid Mavericks out there. We also know that no-one can actually buy one yet! Let's just hope that this hurdle is an easy one to manage so that we can get to the finish line and even perhaps buy our new hybrid! I can only hope that perhaps they can begin to ship before...
  6. Hybrid engine performance question

    I'm looking at this and shaking my head. I started driving with a 36 hp VW bug that didn't even have a gas gauge :). Passing? You had to have several miles of open road that you could see and then hope like hell you didn't run out of gas while passing🤣
  7. 🧭 Track Your Maverick Order by VIN + Order Number [& Get Your Window Sticker]

    I'm like you, I look everyday :unsure: , I also am counting the days til my build date ( 11/01). Just throw me some crumbs, Please!! I go from one tracker to the next, but I'm really waiting for my window sticker to show up miraculously:sneaky:
  8. Called several dealers in my area to see if they have a maverick.

    Corwin Ford in Reno NV has had 3 so far, of course all EB. I saw one, but all 3 have been sold I believe.. They are expecting more. Eagerly awaiting my Hybrid build date of Nov. 1st, and hoping they ship before the Dec. 8 OKTB date that I have seen.;)
  9. 📢 OKTB Hybrid Maverick Date Confirmed = 12/8/21

    Let's see 19 days to build date +38 days to OKTB + 28 to 42 days for delivery ☹. Would somebody wake me when mine arrives.
  10. 📢 OKTB Hybrid Maverick Date Confirmed = 12/8/21

    I guess it's good news bad news :unsure: . Good that a date has been established (perhaps). Bad news if they are built and have to wait to be shipped, although some Mavericks (ecoboosts) seem to be shipping faster than what I had originally thought.
  11. 📢 OKTB Hybrid Maverick Date Confirmed = 12/8/21

    Confused: Does this mean if I have a 11/01 build date (which so far hasn't changed) that it can still ship to the dealership, just not be sold til after that date? I wasn't expecting it til the 1st or 2nd week of December anyway.
  12. Hybrids delivery dates being removed and reverted to N/A (unscheduled)

    Once you get your vin# (which comes from Ford via email) then you go to the tracker link on this forum. Enter the vin and your order number (4 digit on your order form) and you can use it on several trackers to get your info ;)
  13. Maverick AWD Offroad Review by Driving Sports TV

    It makes sense for the camera on all 3, since they all have the emergency braking system and that couldn't work without it.
  14. 5'5" & 5'1" drivers size comparison & feedback with 2.0 Maverick - for the shorter owners / driver / passenger

    By the way, thanks for the pictures! Same color and as I said the same XLT as mine. Super excited!
  15. 5'5" & 5'1" drivers size comparison & feedback with 2.0 Maverick - for the shorter owners / driver / passenger

    I sat in one Saturday for the 1st time. It was an XLT which is what I am getting, although I'm getting a hybrid. Anyway, I wanted to add that maybe the steering wheel is a little small :unsure:, but to me it felt just right and I didn't think it felt cheap. Grip wise, I really liked the...
  16. Size comparison - Maverick vs Ranger, F-150, Superduty

    So true!! You see so many huge trucks with one person in it. Status symbol like the Hummer was.
  17. Size comparison - Maverick vs Ranger, F-150, Superduty

    I saw my 1st Maverick in person Saturday and I must say it's quite impressive. It's what a small truck should be. I'm only 5'9" but it has lots of room both front and back. I'm also 76 and it's very easy to get in and out of. It's harder for me to sit way down and then try to get back up again...
  18. Utah - Maverick - Trainers ?

    We've had 2 or 3 stock units that have come thru Reno NV and have already sold. I got a look at a grey XLT FX4 and in person the truck really does look great! I briefly sat in it, both front and back and it's very comfortable. I could have test drove it, but it was an eco boost and I have...
  19. Golf Clubs Fitment Question

    I haven't gotten mine yet, but if not vertically or horizontally, certainly diagonally ;) , After all that's why I purchased one. I had to remove tonneau cover in order to get my build date (Nov. 1st) but will add one here. By the way, should be plenty of space for more than two bags, I would...
  20. Nov 1st Build Delayed to 8th - EcoBoost

    I have an XLT hybrid scheduled for NOV. 1st, and dare I say it, I have not received a delayed email as of yet 🤞