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  1. Ford Accesory Maverick All Weather Mats / Liners installed

    I haven't. Have heard very good things about them though and they look great IMO.
  2. Ford Accesory Maverick All Weather Mats / Liners installed

    Not bad. I've been eyeing Tux Mats. Canadian made and have awesome coverage. No Maverick mats available yet but here is a link to the Ranger mats to give you an idea on how they look.
  3. Has anyone received their Lariat & First Edition truck yet?

    I hope your didn't pay for a first edition because that isn't one..
  4. Soft or hard tonneau cover?

    I wouldn't even consider soft with frequent snow. The hard ones can support 300-500 pounds.
  5. Soft or hard tonneau cover?

    I prefer the hard. Had a Bakflip on my Tacoma for the 6 years I had it. Doesn't degrade like vinyl does. It looked the same from the day I installed it to the day I traded the truck in. All the rolling ones are vinyl topped unless you go retractable. The only downside to the hard folding is you...
  6. Maverick Hybrid - POV Video - Pure Driving & Sounds

    Correct. The lariat has a laminated windshield.
  7. Auto-Start-Stop hybrid & ecoboost One should be available for the Maverick soon. Problem solved.
  8. What's wrong with antenna on the roof?

    The whip is unnecessary and the fin should be color matched to the vehicle in a perfect world but this is a budget truck.
  9. 2022 Maverick Ford Accessories Now Available on

    Sluts and running lights go hand in hand 🤣
  10. College Football