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  1. What Type Of Pirelli Scorpions Come With The FX4?

    The worse ones I will have Falken Wildpeak Trail AT’s on mine in short order after it arrives in a couple of weeks
  2. Must have options on xlt

    I got every package, sliding rear window, and a sunroof. Swung for the fence
  3. Chapman Ford allocations & delivery?

    I am happy with Chapman. Mine is on the way and the price was great
  4. Chapman Ford allocations & delivery?

    Mine Your 2022 Maverick XLT is estimated to be delivered to Chapman Ford of Horsham between 11/12/2021 & 11/18/2021 Shipped Your vehicle is In Transit or on its way to your dealership. Transit times vary from an average of 12 - 28 days based on your location and the plant where the vehicle...
  5. Yet More Maverick Test Drive Review Videos - Hybrid & EcoBoost

    Stated well, it fits a role. Efficient, practical, versatile, and looks good doing it.
  6. Ford Accesory Maverick All Weather Mats / Liners installed

    Ordered from Fairway this morning. Appreciate the info!
  7. OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    supposed to be here November 12 to 18 according to Ford
  8. OFFER NOW CLOSED - 400 ORDERS!!! - THANK YOU!!! - 4% under invoice with @dealersider

    Mine was built on 10/14.Chapman has been great so far. 3 hours round trip from my house. Worth every second of driving for the savings.
  9. Ford Accesory Maverick All Weather Mats / Liners installed

    Thanks!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!
  10. Maverick smaller than Explorer Sport Trac

    America is great. My sentiments are completely 180 degrees. You do you but I have never owned anything but American and I will keep it that way. It’s a preference, grew up in a family of WWII vets. It’s our way, doesn’t make it right or wrong it’s just our way. Freedom of choice is what make...
  11. Ford Accesory Maverick All Weather Mats / Liners installed

    Apparently not available from Ford. Not showing on the website. Damn
  12. New Order

    Have my out the door price from Chapman on my order. It’s in writing so it’s all good. Some dealers are legit others not so much.Chapman in Horsham, Pa is one of the good ones. Build date 10/14 and on the train heading east. Hell yes
  13. New Order

  14. Drove home my XLT, FX4 (Velocity Blue) today

    I battled between velocity and alto. I went with alto but the velocity looks awesome
  15. FX4-No-More (Debadged Velocity Blue Maverick FX4)

    I like the sticker. Whatever works for you.
  16. No Maverick commercials?

    New vehicle, shitty supply chain. Find a better value…you won’t. Think about it, does Ford make money until you take delivery? You think that they are thrilled with delays? It sucks but it is the current state of things.
  17. Maverick AWD Offroad Review by Driving Sports TV

    I am guessing what we saw was what the designers had in mind for the Maverick. Keep in mind the price point. Down the road there will be upgrades but the price point will climb too. I saw enough on the video to make me satisfied with what I am buying. Didn’t buy it to off road, bought it for...
  18. Emails From Ford

    Mine was scheduled week of 10/4, dealer told me build date was 10/8. It was actually built 10/14. The best I can tell you is that it’s not an exact science but if you have a build week it will close to that but lack of materials may push it some. You will get an email when it’s built and another...
  19. Maverick Graphics Decals from Vortex Signs

    Thanks I will look into that