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  1. Alex on Autos: What did Ford cut to get the Maverick XL Hybrid down to just under $20k?

    For some reason, I thought the truck had a push start button. No big deal, I have used the key for over 50 years. Cruise.....I don't use it nearly as often as I could, so again, no big deal. So far, the no big deals are big deals!
  2. Ford Accessories list for 2022 Ford Maverick - available now for ordering 🛒

    WOW, these are great. IF I just had a truck.........:rolleyes:
  3. Hybrid Order Support Group

    this is like waiting on a baby!
  4. Hope I actually have an order

    I got two letters or e-mails from Ford saying they had my order and would send me info as to when it is scheduled to be built. The letters are about two weeks apart.
  5. Video of 2022 Maverick underbody / undercarriage / frame at SEMA Garage measuring sessions

    I love the references to the "younger guys". I am 71. I have owned a variety of new cars in my lifetime, this will be my first truck. So, I guess that will put me in there with the younger group and their "first!"