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  1. Plastic lumber divider in Maverick Flexbed installed [length = 54 1/4 inches]!

    I'm planning on the Plastic Lumber myself, figure do it once, do it right and then store them in my shed until needed. Have all the parts ready for each position I could need and they will last the life of the trunk or me.
  2. Ford Accessories: Anyone buying any?

    That's not a bad replacement, For me I don't think loosing 1 tie-down will be a problem for the time I would use it and I do like the damper a lot. I am making a list of things I find cool but not ordering any until after I get my truck, other than the damper and bed mat. Want to use it for a...
  3. Maverick Tailgate Lettering in Polished Stainless Steel Are Actual Metal - Real Life Installed Look

    I'm thinking the Black for my VB. Unless I see a aftermarket I like better by the time my truck gets here.
  4. Ford Accessories: Anyone buying any?

    Saw one in person and my wife and I both commented on how big the back oval is, was thinking about taking it off, but in another tread I read that it is the backup camera.
  5. 1227.7 Miles - An Unbiased Maverick Lariat Owner's Review

    Great review, Thank you for all the information
  6. Maverick vs Toyota Prius Hybrid (size comparison photos)

    Great pics, We have a 07 Prius this helps with the size a lot.
  7. Hybrid power, how does it feel?

    07 Prius and has all the power needed, would hope a 15 year newer car will do even better
  8. New Ecoboost Owners + Engine Cover

    Thanks this answered my question about what the cover was, Still not sure why someone would want to add one to a new truck
  9. New Ecoboost Owners + Engine Cover

    Ok not sure I understand the engine cover. What's its purpose? and why would you want one if the truck doesn't come with one?
  10. Size comparison to 2012 Fusion

    Thanks for the pics, truck looks great and yes you need too see it in person to get a feel for how it's not a small truck
  11. Fun with financing in Texas

    I told my dealership I was using the CU and they were great we work with them all the time.
  12. Soft or hard tonneau cover?

    "I’m probably going with a soft trifold or soft roll up. I’m not too worried about someone cutting it up because I don’t plan to leave anything in the bed when the truck is sitting at home in my driveway or garage. For trips, I’m ok with the risk as I generally don’t leave expensive items even...
  13. What’s the tail gate lock add on? ($40 Canadian)

    It makes it harder for someone to steal your tail gate, but if you keep it locked then it wont matter.
  14. Soft or hard tonneau cover?

    I'm looking at these also, never wanted one in the past but the more I think about one the better it sounds. Have decided on Hard, Not worried about snow but can get a lot of rain and Hail, I have had plenty of Jeeps and the soft tops are basically the same as the soft cover, good for 3-5 years...
  15. Real world fuel mileage MPG results by 2.0 EcoBoost owners - check in here

    How does the time have anything to do with the mpg?
  16. What's wrong with antenna on the roof?

    Besides the look, does the Stubby help with reception?
  17. Hybrid engine performance question

    We have a 07 Prius with 200k on the clock and have no problems with it on the highway in DFW
  18. Going to take a look! Montana.

    Same, I'm moving down from a 03 Tundra, love the truck but its big and starting to show its age.
  19. Ford Accessories: Anyone buying any?

    Going slow but this is my list ATM Tailgate damper FITS kit from Ford for $50 Rubber bed mat: Will be using the Mav to move signs around town(I'm a Realtor) and the mat may be good for noise and keep the signs from getting bounced around as...