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  1. Must have options on xlt

    I might agree, if the "full-size spare" was actually full-size. Since it isn't, I'm not really seeing much of a benefit over the donut.
  2. 🚨My Hybrid Maverick window sticker with MPG!! 37 combined / 42 city / 33 highway

    I've never not gotten better than EPA mileage. With our current VW jetta we're generally averaging high 30's overall (rated at 33) and easily low 50's on the freeway and longer road trips (rated at 40). So, I'm pretty optimistic.
  3. What is the point of my Ford Dealer?

    They are car salesmen, this isn't a career for most of them (at least they hope not). The large majority of them did indeed stumble into the job, usually because they didn't currently have a lot of options. The young man I am working with doesn't know even close to as much about the vehicle as I...
  4. What is up with Ford?

    Similar and my order was #2 at my dealer. The only thing we know is that the hybrids are not OKTB yet. Consider yourself lucky that you have some dates, many of us have been waiting much longer with no info. Personally, I don't blame Ford, everybody is scrambling with the supply chain chaos.
  5. electric vehicles certainly do pollute

    Shouldn't be news to anybody. While obviously ICE engines emit more harmful substances into the air, there is no consensus as to whether ICE or EV vehicles are overall worse for the environment. There are massive concerns with EVs that we'll have to address too, anybody who says there isn't has...
  6. Not "Boomer" friendly... no Sirius XM, no CD player

    You don't need cell coverage to listen to music or podcasts from your phone. You can download content from Spotify onto your device, I assume every music app is the same.
  7. 📢 OKTB Hybrid Maverick Date Confirmed = 12/8/21

    Exactly, not having a destination charge wouldn't lower the price - Ford isn't in the business of providing handouts. It'll be baked into the price somehow, what difference does it make how it is listed? The only thing that is important is out-the-door price and the Maverick (at MSRP) is a steal...
  8. Maverick on Aftermarket 17x8" Fifteen52 Metrix MX Bronze Wheels and 245/65/17 BFG Trail Terrain Tires

    I am very aware that $200/wheel is nothing, but that doesn't mean it's worth it (to me). That's kind of the line in the sand I've drawn as far as my cost-benefit analysis. This would be our extra set of wheels for snow tires (which will be on 5-6 months a year), any more and I am looking for...
  9. Maverick on Aftermarket 17x8" Fifteen52 Metrix MX Bronze Wheels and 245/65/17 BFG Trail Terrain Tires

    Didn't see this before I posted. Exactly what I am looking at. No way am I paying $200+/wheel.
  10. Maverick on Aftermarket 17x8" Fifteen52 Metrix MX Bronze Wheels and 245/65/17 BFG Trail Terrain Tires

    I'm trying to decide between bronze and black for an A51 XLT. Looking at these...
  11. Real world fuel mileage MPG results by 2.0 EcoBoost owners - check in here

    I don't disagree at all, so why are you arguing that the 2.0T model - made specifically for those who want more power, in exchange for less efficiency - isn't fuel efficient enough?
  12. Real world fuel mileage MPG results by 2.0 EcoBoost owners - check in here

    Then you should get the hybrid. This isn't a difficult concept, that extra 70hp/90lbs/ft of torque influences efficiency.
  13. I’m Stuck—Hybrid or Turbo AWD?

    Dedicated snow tires are WAY more important for car performance and safety in inclement weather than what and how many drive wheels there are. If safety in the snow is your only real concern about getting the FWD hybrid, get a set of snow tires.
  14. Size comparison - Maverick vs Ranger, F-150, Superduty

    I've changed the oil in it multiple times and the place down the street charges $49, and that includes fully synthetic. It's not a fun car to work on (even changing the engine air filter is a PITA), but that's irrelevant to the fact that the dealership charges twice as much as anybody else.
  15. Size comparison - Maverick vs Ranger, F-150, Superduty

    The one from my dealership requires that you get it serviced there if you live within 50 miles (I am 46 miles away). But, you still have to follow their maintenance schedule, have it done at a dealership, have all records, and some other stipulations which I can't recall I bet the number of...
  16. Size comparison - Maverick vs Ranger, F-150, Superduty

    The dealership I bought my jetta from does this, and it's exactly the case. They also charge outrageous prices for basic maintenance ($125 for an oil change on my economy car). I wonder how many angry calls they field every single day from previous customers who realize that they don't meet the...
  17. Did you all check with your dealerships the status of your Hybrid schedule?

    I actually talked to the dealership Thursday; nice guys, but they knew way less than me. Only thing the sales manager could say was that I was #4 of 30+ orders they have. Not sure what I was expecting by calling them, but I didn't get anything.
  18. Do you need premium gas?

    The thread is titled "Do I need premium gas?" I'm not sure how anybody is moving the goalpost, we're all posting data, from different sources, on different cars, under different conditions. We can extrapolate the data as much as we want, the only thing that is clear is that the answer to the...
  19. Do you need premium gas?

    According to APR, a VW jetta with the 1.4T engine makes 122-125hp at the wheel on 87 and 127hp on 91 I believe it says on the sticker on the inside of my fuel door that the engine requires premium for full power (150hp), but makes...
  20. Do you need premium gas?

    Similarly confused as to why the 2.5LT Mazda engine is any better an example than my 1.4T VW engine? VW recommends premium, yet states its testing nets 3 peak HP over 87. I'm not wasting my time testing that because even if it was 5x that amount, I wouldn't be able to notice the difference in...