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  1. No Trunk Anxiety

    That's my ONE drawback to the Maverick. My camp chairs for watching soccer games will not fit under the back seat, I don't want to have to take them in and out of the vehicle for every game, but I don't want them getting wet and gross hanging out in the bed. My original truck had a truck box...
  2. Ford Stainless Steel ($100) vs Decals ($20) for the tailgate WARNING

    I'd like the contact info as well, or maybe when he's done with the set-up, get permission to post his ordering info? These would be an amazing addition to my Maverick.
  3. DFW Hybrids Scheduled

    Not scheduled. Ordered 8/3 from 5 Star Ford of Dallas.
  4. My Maverick XLT 2.0L EcoBoost is delivered! Owner review, thoughts and real world input

    I have a question that doesn't seem to be answered anywhere, and I know you have been amazing at giving people info: Under the back seat, what is the height of the under seat storage in the middle (between the two bins). I've seen a baseball bat there in pictures, but want to know if my...
  5. Fun with financing in Texas

    Saw that, and frankly I was surprised that it's not illegal for a dealer to require you to use their own financing or refuse cash. I'm really hoping that the 0% interest is still available when my truck is delivered, because I am happy to finance at that rate. Otherwise, I'll pay cash or...
  6. 5'5" & 5'1" drivers size comparison & feedback with 2.0 Maverick - for the shorter owners / driver / passenger

    The Maverick does not have memory seat settings, just electric controls.
  7. 5'5" & 5'1" drivers size comparison & feedback with 2.0 Maverick - for the shorter owners / driver / passenger

    Thank you! I'm 5'2" and got to sit in one last week. Hadn't had a chance to post about it yet. My thoughts: I can drive any vehicle I've ever tried, but seat configurations aren't always comfortable. The Maverick was great! The steering wheel went in toward the dash a decent amount. The...
  8. Horn Sound

    During the Out of Spec hybrid review, he hits the horn right around the 12 minute mark (a minivan almost drove into him!) Best real-world example I've heard.
  9. Alto Blue 2.0 FX4 Available

    YAY, congratulations! Glad I squeaked in at lunch to see it instead of waiting until after work :)
  10. Alto Blue 2.0 FX4 Available

    Update - it is a XLT FX$, NO luxury package. Currently marked at sticker price. 2 people about to put in orders who were also looking at it while I was. Dealer said someone was doing paperwork on it while we were looking at it. I must say, the blue interior is WAY WAY better than it looks...
  11. Alto Blue 2.0 FX4 Available

    Weird, they called me (I have a hybrid on order with them) and said the customer had declined to purchase it and did I want it. Maybe another person with an order decided to purchase it. I'm still headed by at lunch to at least sit in it, even if they won't let me drive it.
  12. ?

    I'm betting they mean March for STOCK hybrids. We already know there is a hold on stock hybrids so this makes sense and the dealer is just mixing up information between stock and retail orders.
  13. Alto Blue 2.0 FX4 Available

    5 Star Ford Dallas just called to tell me they have an Alto Blue XLT FX4 available (I think Lux package too). I have a Hybrid on order and am happy to wait but I'll be there at lunch time to sit in it! **I do not know if they are marking it over MSRP, I'll update after I see it.
  14. Maverick With Raceface T2 Bed Tailpad Carrying Mountain Bikes

    This is great. Was planning on a hitch bike rack, but this has me thinking it would be even better (and probably easier to store). We don't take the bikes out too often, but this seems like a simple way to load and go.
  15. Hybrid Order Support Group

    I just tried the chat option and got the same exact answer that you did. It does not surprise me at all given my configuration (hybrid, Lux, 360). I'm just glad that it seems my dealer has done the order verification correctly and that I'm at least showing in the system.
  16. Dealer allotments in the DFW area question.

    I ordered from 5 Star Ford Dallas (in Richardson). The dealer rep I've been speaking to did not answer my question on allotment. He said he think the Hybrids are "on hold". I'm a little scared that the "on hold" info means they didn't do the order verification process correctly, but I also...
  17. I drove a Maverick, and I liked it!!

    Thank you for the well-written and helpful review!
  18. Help a short girl out!

    I think there are at least 50 posts with pictures of a guy over 6' tall sitting in the Maverick. Headroom, legroom, rear seat room behind a tall guy, everything! How about the short ones in the group? Can someone take some pictures of a short person (5'3" or less) in the drivers seat? I want...
  19. First drive reviews coming Oct. 5 for 2022 Maverick when embargo lifts!

    Glad to finally have a date. It feels like its way late, but they will be available long before most people get their hands on a retail truck, so its reasonable. Now I just want to know when IIHS will release their crash test ratings. The drive feel and crash worthiness are the 2 last factors...
  20. Optimism or Pessimism: Depends on your view…

    Remember, a reservation is not an order and they are, from what I can glean, not at anywhere near 100k orders. They are not building based on reservations, only orders - reservations are just a marketing concept (both in that you have to give the dealer your email to make a reservation, and...