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  1. Size comparison - Maverick vs Ranger, F-150, Superduty

    Post hip surgery, it's easier for me to climb up than it is to slide down.... And then get back out. I'll take the ladder any day :) Wasn't a fan of how low the Mav rides, but it's still my best option right now...
  2. Spacer lift vs. Spring lift

    Useful post, thanks. I dream of a Maverick Tremor.
  3. Reminder for everyone as Mavericks get bought: there will be issues

    We're not beta testers, when there are issues, we're gonna hear about it, and rightfully so. Just have to keep in mind that this forum is a tiny subset of the total number of owners and is not indicative of quality/reliability.
  4. Maverick Apparel Now Available

    Mav merch has been delayed until 2022 due to the chip shortage ;)
  5. Before Maverick, what were you looking at?

    Still debating Ranger vs Mav internally. Leaning Ranger right now.
  6. Why couldnt they call it a Courier instead?

    Because the target demographic has no emotional connection to the name and renegade was already taken.
  7. Soft paint? Rock chips after 400 miles

    Haven't seen this issue in the Ranger forum (also available in cactus gray) so if there's an issue, I'd be concerned about any color from that plant. I'm still going with cactus gray.
  8. Your Maverick aftermarket plans

    Every time I see someone want to lower the Mav instead of lift it, I die a little. RIP
  9. Current Daily Drivers

    2014 Subaru Forester that I'd keep forever if I didn't want a truck. Over 30 mpg and rock solid mechanically.
  10. Ford Considering Another Smaller Truck?

    Opportunity for a tiny regular cab exists, if not here, then in other markets.
  11. Got my Cyber Orange Maverick surprise delivery today!! Delivered 11 days early

    Funny you should mention that, I'm ordering either a cactus gray ranger or mav, lol.
  12. Considering ordering an XLT AWD EB Maverick as a work truck, but would appreciate advice first

    I have no worry of it being any less reliable than a typical Ford, only concern would be the eventual turbo maintenance down the road. Also, the plate of spaghetti engine bay is a little off-putting :)
  13. Got my Cyber Orange Maverick surprise delivery today!! Delivered 11 days early

    Congrats on your mac n cheese model! Love the color in small bursts, not something I could live with, but it looks sharp :)
  14. Seat Comparison (Cloth vs. ActiveX)

    Haven't sat on active X yet, but the XLT cloth was a disappointment for me. Super stiff and almost itchy, kind of like burlap. Aesthetically the cloth looks great, though.
  15. Talk me off the ledge!

    The new ranger isn't expected until Q3 2023 now which is a huge bummer. You'll likely get a Maverick much sooner than a big bronco despite demand imo. The Mav actually has a slightly roomier cabin than the current Ranger, I say go for it if you don't need the capability of the big boys.
  16. How long

    The demand for all chips has increased. Because they're using outdated ones on old processes that produce fewer chips per wafer that are less profitable for fabs, their orders lose priority to those of phones and other tech which use smaller, higher margin/yield chips. There are consequences for...
  17. How long

    Maybe relying on outdated chips that get low priority at modern fabs while not maintaining sufficient inventory of very cheap, essential parts and also completely misreading market demand has consequences... Can't keep blaming prioritizing human life, have to start blaming companies' inflexibility.
  18. The average person test report

    The interior quality is really good. Those XLT seat covers feel really high quality. The orange accents are in real live not as orange and even the orange console inserts look fully appropriate. I now don't think that I want to even replace or remove any of the orange stuff, because I think it...
  19. How long

    A lot of the orders here were placed pre-production... That's not a good time frame to look at. Timing will be anecdotal and difficult to extrapolate for a while.
  20. Lack of Maverick Advertising

    The short answer is they don't need to