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  1. My dealer just sent me pics of mine. Thing looks TINY next to these monsters. Maverick vs 250 Superduty

    AHAHAHAHA! Good one...even better. Bet they were like...Bobby...go print out a new window sticker...he fell for it. Psych........LOL
  2. My dealer just sent me pics of mine. Thing looks TINY next to these monsters. Maverick vs 250 Superduty

    Definitely something behind the staging of the truck picture. They're hoping you pass so they can add 5K onto the price and sell it to someone else. These salesman crack me up with their antics...LMAO. I'd text back saying, cute pic, I love the size. I see miles of savings in that picture...
  3. Under seat storage - blast from the past?

    Thought you all might find like this... Check out the under seat storage....from way back....Model A Funny how things come back around....NEAT eh>?
  4. Exhausted by dealers

    With all this craziness I'm seeing....Long Mcarthur Ford looking better and better! I most certainly would not fall for the "dealer markup/price gauging" tactics. Heck, LMF will even deliver to your door if you finance thru them. If you don't get the terms you like, just move the loan in 6 mths...
  5. East Tennessee Roll Call

    What dealer you all going through>? Lenoir City Ford pulled a rabbit out of they'll add on $899 paint protection...LOL
  6. Maverick AWD Offroad Review by Driving Sports TV

    Big_T Ya beat me posting this....fresh cup of java to watch.. Did he beat the TFL guys to the gate...LOL
  7. Off-road capabilities with 2.5L hybrid?

    Does the FWD system turn both wheels if one looses traction? Could traction boards be used in sticky situations? Just wondering for those soft roading tough spots... Considering.... 1.5" spacer lift. Skids Mild AT's once factory tires wear out.
  8. Hybrid for long distance vacation trip?

    Hello all! Finally got a chance to drive a Maverick this weekend and liked it. Question before I order...for those in the know on the hybrid power plant. We are hoping to give wife's Outback a break from family of (3) trips to Florida. Will the hybrid be ok to drive on long distance trips...
  9. Toyota Tocoma SR Crew Cab 2WD 4cyl ?

    Can CONFIRM this. I was on the fence with Tacoma SR or SR5. Once sitting in a 2021 Tacoma....thoughts are... CONS Horrible seating position. 3rd party bracket or not... Less back leg room, seat to low for proper thigh support, seat back more upright SERIOUSLY...NO ARM's 2021.... Bed...
  10. East Tennessee Roll Call

    Lance Cunningham Ford in Knox...had 4 in 1PM today. I got there at 2pm and 2 had sold...I drove a white XL AWD. Must say I was impressed with the drive. I'm ordering one soon. Icon Silver, Lariat... So impressed with the ride and overall package...
  11. Picked up my Cactus Gray Lariat AWD FX4 Fully Optioned

    OMG Great POST! I went and looked at one today! Loved it! Was going Tacoma....can't justify the extra $$ for my needs> The Maverick is perfect!!
  12. Seat Comparison (Cloth vs. ActiveX)

    Got Katzskin in my wifes 2011 Subaru Outback! Still looks great after all these years with minimal care. Thick leather too!
  13. ICONIC SILVER Maverick Club

    Wow! Silver looks nice with the XLT interior!
  14. XLT Luxury or Standard Lariat

    Been on the fence myself about this question...first world problems...LOL. So excited for the platform! There's just so much Blue inside, it's making the choice hard....
  15. Disappointed that Desert Brown is only leather interior option

    How about get the XLT with Lux. Option 1 - Get some quality aftermarket real leather seat covers. Love my Katzkins in my Subie. Look almost new 10yrs now. Option 2 - Await a couple years when Mavericks start showing up in savage yards (accidents) and buy the interior :) Since there's only 2...
  16. Which Maverick trim model did you get and why?

    Germans are masters of awesome SHORT TERM designs that fail long before their usefulness. The last reliable was a 300D! The best would be take their designs and have a Japanese manufacturer redesign it for reliability, QC it and build it.
  17. Found my Maverick Substitute

    This is a JOKE right....40k for a freaking way EVER!
  18. Ford of Murfreesboro TN will have Maverick trainer on 8/18 @ 9 am

    GREAT! Are they bringing one to KNOXVILLE >?
  19. Impressions from Maverick 2.0L trainer. Legroom tested. 31-35 MPG reported.

    Absolutely excellent points here !!! My use case, the hybrid makes more sense! Just wish it had AWD, but I got a Subie for that day, plus I live in East TN, rarely snows anymore that a FWD with AT tires can't go through with patience and driving skill. My parents took a 1979 Honda CVCC through...
  20. 4 Pics & 3 interesting items from Maverick visit -- Active grille shutters. 33mpg from AWD 2.0L

    If you plan on keeping this vehicle over 130k miles, you'll most likely be pleased with the Hybrid as the 2.0 has interesting design with potential quirks. It comes down to how you plan to use the Maverick and how long you plan to keep it...