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  1. Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires?

    I am considering BF Goodrich (owned by Michelin bought for making truck tires) trail-terrain a/t center tread is similar to all-terrain, the shoulders reduced to make more highway friendly. Is supposed 3peak snow rated and good in sand (has 12.5/32" tread depth, 60k milage, can get with open...
  2. Fully Electric Maverick EV hint dropped by Ford??

    3 years for maverick lightning might work out best for me as it's portability of it's large enough (I hope) battery to function as temporary backup and supplement to my f-150 Xtra range lightning with battery I am going to buy for my proposed 40+/- panel array. I doubt seriously this can happen...
  3. Extended Warranty or not?

    At the time I purchased the used car which the very little old lady had traded in (I was told when I asked why some one would trade in a new car they had purchased six weeks before was told she couldn't drive it because she couldn't see over the hood) I felt like I needed the warranty for...
  4. Disabled seat belt chime but dashboard light still on

    Besides if you got the 360 then your insurance company thinks you are driving without wearing your seat belt = cancellation or higher premium. Also that you are pulling an over weight trailer or not.
  5. Conflicting Plant Restrictions ... What does that mean?

    Have you tried his wife's fried food? I don't want my hybrid to be constrained I want full speed out of mine😇.
  6. Conflicting Plant Restrictions ... What does that mean?

    Maybe the inventory shows to have many of the floor mats but "Juanita?" Cannot find the container they are in.
  7. Order Your Mav While You Can: a global shortage of magnesium could result in a near-total shutdown of the auto industry.

    I am not changing my cactus gray XLT order but am thinking asking for another form 1. Maverick ✓. 2 hybrid ✓. 3. Eco ✓ 4. Delivery date ASAP.
  8. Must have options on xlt

    400 watts, I think, so about 3.3 amps. So smaller size drills. Start up surge, don't know.
  9. Tire Rack now showing wheel and tire options for the Maverick

    Let the discount tire place know you want them if they trade for some or maybe nearby stores get them they will get them for you more so if you buy new tires from them.
  10. Extended Warranty or not?

    Sorry the $275 was what I had done that warranty didn't cover I paid 1200-1250 for extended warranty.
  11. Maverick 2" lift kits available

    YES - 2" maybe 3" better 4" might allow center of bed to be lowered enough so easy access to bed level hitch receiver mounted patio area. Also would have benefit of lowering max height of bed cover over truck roof. Of course a pop up top would work well. To get porta potty in corner of bed...
  12. Extended Warranty or not?

    YES I bought one. I bought a 1992 caprice that only had 200+/- miles on it and got 8(?)year 100k extended warranty. About 7 years later at 94,500+/- miles I took to authorized Firestone shop and told the manager to fix anything covered and call me if there was anything that was needed and not...
  13. Spray In Bedliner in color other than black?

    Someone is making color matched bed liner and someone else is making color matched plastic wraps as well as door dingies peel and stick patches. Will post if I think who.
  14. On the me decide...

    Just checked my 2018 frontier. Looks like used with 75k miles like mine is about 1,200 more than I paid for mine new, but I would have to reduce mine due to $9k hail damage.
  15. No Trunk Anxiety

    Wouldn't liking a politician make a simple problem more complicated?
  16. Ordering XL Hybrid on Sat. Anything I should be aware of?

    Walla! Job boat! = Fishing trips deductable!
  17. On the me decide...

    Have you checked your actual speedometer. I have 2018 2wheel drive sv on factory tires speedo off 2.6mph at 70mph
  18. Flat towing Hybrid Maverick why limited to 70mph?

    My $0.02 = if I remember right the run time after 6 hours towing was very short and did not requiring any driving. So just something short and sweet -- so Hey it's still operational we can go 65 (if it starts). If not 35 to Ford house. The shifting requirement without driving (and presumably...