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  1. What is up with Ford?

    Your dealer is undoubtedly correct that your truck is still at the plant. But they should also have explained it's due to waiting for EPA certification for the hybrid. Dealers seem to be a big part of the communication problem, withholding information and in some cases spreading misinformation.
  2. Must have options on xlt

    Funny, I have a 12 year old vehicle with 180k miles and an 8 year old vehicle with 108k miles, both with power sun roofs that still work fine.
  3. Must have options on xlt

    I think this type of question can benefit someone who has no previous experience with certain options. For example, I've never owned a vehicle with the features of the Copilot 360 package, so it's useful to hear whether people who have it think it's worth it. Specific questions would be better...
  4. VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    Thanks. I didn't realize that. Rapid red is a pretty good color.... :)
  5. VELOCITY BLUE Maverick Club

    I'm thinking of changing from XLT to Lariat. I'm having trouble deciding on the standard Lariat wheels or the optional "black painted" wheels. The optional wheels have machined faces rather than being all black like the FX4 wheels. Do I have it right that the two pics below are the standard...
  6. Ordered 8/12 have yet to recieve build date

    If that's the case you should call Ford as others recommended and make sure your dealer entered your order properly in the system.
  7. Ordered 8/12 have yet to recieve build date

    Did you receive the confirmation email from Ford of your order? If so you're OK. Most hybrid orders are going pretty slow so it's not surprising for an August hybrid order not to have a build date yet. Production has been limited on hybrids even though hybrid orders have outpaced Ecoboost...
  8. Should I be content with MSRP?

    The Maverick is priced so low that I am perfectly happy paying MSRP, especially in today's market where discounts on higher priced vehicles aren't available, either.
  9. Not "Boomer" friendly... no Sirius XM, no CD player

    Oh boy. I realize change can be more difficult later in life but failure to research what features are available on the truck is on you. i'm a boomer and while I get why some might still want a CD player I never use them any more. I like using Waze and Google Maps with Android auto.
  10. Loving Area 51 Maverick XLT FX4 more each day, especially after limo tint + 50% windshield tint (owner's review)

    That's why state laws typically don't allow the front side windows to be as dark as the back windows. And no need to yell. :)
  11. Loving Area 51 Maverick XLT FX4 more each day, especially after limo tint + 50% windshield tint (owner's review)

    Not true where I live. Nearly everyone has tint because it helps keep vehicles cooler in the summer. Only extra dark (illegal) tint on the front side windows or tinted windshields attract that kind of attention.
  12. DFW Hybrids Scheduled

    I'm considering changing my order from XLT Lux to Lariat (without Lux).
  13. What Maverick is taking longest to arrive?

    You must not have read anything in this forum before posting. Look at the threads regarding scheduling emails to get an idea how long orders are taking. There isn't much consistency. There are also some threads posted by people who have received their Ecoboost Mavericks.
  14. DFW Hybrids Scheduled

    If I had that kind of knowledge about my situation I would place an order with another dealer.
  15. DFW Hybrids Scheduled

    Wow. That was quick for a hybrid, given all the June orders yet to be scheduled.
  16. DFW Hybrids Scheduled

    How long ago did you order?
  17. DFW Hybrids Scheduled

    I'm just curious if there's any discernable difference among dealers. If you ordered a hybrid with a DFW dealer, do you have a scheduled build date? When did you order and what dealer? My answer is no. I ordered 8/21 with Sam Pack Carrollton.
  18. 📬 10/14 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Arriving!]

    This is a noticeable increase from prior weeks, so the hope is these numbers will continue to increase rather than remaining constant per week going forward. By the way, 14 was just the number ordered in June, and there were two more posts of hybrids scheduled after I made my comment.
  19. Ordering XL Hybrid on Sat. Anything I should be aware of?

    I forget what the DORA acronym stands for but it's the summary of the order that shows the trim levels, priority code, etc.
  20. Ordering XL Hybrid on Sat. Anything I should be aware of?

    This, and make sure you get a printout of the "DORA." You should receive a confirmation email from Ford shortly after the order is submitted.