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  1. Bullet Liner sprayed on my XLT Maverick bed

    If they spray the rail or not. Since we have plastic covers on the rails they don’t need to be sprayed
  2. Thought I’d seen it all. 12k ADM markup!

    Sorry, not trying to be aggressive this morning. Spent the last 36 hours traveling (delayed flights) and now I have to work all day 😖. I walked from Jim Click Ford because of $500, and my build with them is set for Nov 29th. I will wait months to get another build but I wont pay over my agreed...
  3. Thought I’d seen it all. 12k ADM markup!

    Guess “$12k over is insane” doesn’t speak to stupidity.
  4. Thought I’d seen it all. 12k ADM markup!

    I believe I made that clear in my first post. I think paying anything over is stupid.
  5. Thought I’d seen it all. 12k ADM markup!

    $12k is insane and it is price gouging. my points defended a $1-3k markup. I don’t see anything more being defendable. Some people have cash and I sure hope someone that would pay $12k over MSRP has cash.
  6. Thought I’d seen it all. 12k ADM markup!

    I am not defending the dealers I think that $12k over is insane but someone bought it. They have the right to sell it with the adjustment. How much would any of you sell your house for? Would you ensure affordability or sell to the highest bidder at current market rates? Businesses factor in...
  7. Does living in a hot climate shorten the battery life?

    Ford has a couple proving grounds in Arizona to test in the heat, sun and dirt
  8. Quality Control?

    If it can’t survive for a year I would presume warranty would cover it. Can’t say weather related when they all fail.
  9. Bullet Liner sprayed on my XLT Maverick bed

    Im getting the Premium for $600. Platinum is excessive for my needs.
  10. Bullet Liner sprayed on my XLT Maverick bed

    but did they spray on the glass or just under it?
  11. Plastic lumber divider in Maverick Flexbed installed [length = 54 1/4 inches]!

    Perhaps 🤔 we just cut board to length and have them sprayed with bed liner when we get our trucks done ✅ edit. Have to take into account the thickness of the spray x2 for the bed and on the board.
  12. Bullet Liner sprayed on my XLT Maverick bed

    I want to have my Line X sprayed that way as well so want to instruct them appropriately. I’m assuming that small amount of spray on the glass doesn’t effect any visibility at all. Thanks!
  13. Bullet Liner sprayed on my XLT Maverick bed

    Did they spray a quarter inch up onto the rear glass as well to get underneath it? Can’t tell on my phone.
  14. Summary of my Maverick XLT's issues so far

    Keep the issues coming! By the time I get my truck I may spend a week inspecting at the dealer after it comes in.
  15. Winter Investments

    Probably smart to cash out on Crypto. I’ve contemplated on getting out but I’m back to where I bought in so might as well keep going. Were you going to do 5 plus year loan term? I believe Ford’s 4 year is .9 percent and 3 year is 0 percent. I don’t know how large your wallet is but 0.5 percent...
  16. Winter Investments

    Any word on the IPO price for Rivian would be pure speculation. I’m sure it will be bid up before we can even buy it. This is definitely a risky investment with the growlingly crowded space.
  17. Winter Investments

    As many of us wait for our builds we have a chance to invest and save. Feel free to share any insight on the market and the best investments for the holidays. My positions High risk - Doge, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Shibu Medium to low risk - F, ARKK, QQQJ, TGT, PYPL
  18. Soft paint? Rock chips after 400 miles

    Funny how some of the windows are tinted from the factory and yet they need to add more tint to it. Screw all these shady dealers and their tactics.