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  1. 2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Same here. The Maverick hybrid will be the wife's vehicle while I'll stay with the 2012 F-150 Supercrew.
  2. Hybrids delivery dates being removed and reverted to N/A (unscheduled)

    Same here. I go elsewhere for the winter and don't want to have to drive back to finalize an order. If mine can't be gotten to me by early December, I hope it can wait until next April. Still haven't heard anything on a tentative build date even though we ordered the hybrid with the XLT...
  3. 📄 2022 Ford Maverick EcoBoost & Hybrid Reviews List Is Here!

    Thanks for posting all these. Have watched a few videos from the posting; especially liked the Redline one. I think we are all going to be happy campers when all is said and done. Ordered XLT Hybrid on June 23rd in Crossville, TN. No word yet on manufacturing que.
  4. Maverick scheduling week of 9/27 for production build week 11/22

    Glad for you. Sounds like with any luck we'll be in early to mid December. Same engine and model #.
  5. Maverick scheduling week of 9/27 for production build week 11/22

    We ordered a couple of weeks after you at the end of June. Next spring would work out for our schedule very well. But if I comes out earlier it is all good.
  6. 50 MPG in 50 Miles for Hybrid Maverick says Levine

    I wish you the absolute best, my friend. Hope you live a long life on the road.
  7. Ranger argument is getting old

    There is a reason(s) why most of us are buying the Maverick, and it is not solved by the Ranger. In our case I have an F-150 Supercrew that has all the towing and space capacity we need. The Maverick is replacing an H3 so the mileage is important, and it will be my wife's everyday vehicle...
  8. Ford Accessories list for 2022 Ford Maverick - available now for ordering 🛒

    I also prefer the solid covers over the foldup, which is what I have on the F-150. I'll look for a third party option once we get our Maverick.
  9. What are you trading in / selling for your Maverick??

    This will be the wife's vehicle; I drive the F-150 Supercrew. She will finally be letting her 2007 GMC Hummer H3 Tactical Edition go, with 96K miles.
  10. 🔋 Hybrid Maverick Lux Showing 34.5 MPG and 1,478 Lbs Payload Sticker

    Thanks for posting. Much appreciated.
  11. 2022 Ford Maverick: Top 10 Questions Answered

    Judging by the picture you are using, that should be a manuEl tranny.
  12. 2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Same here, although my order was later in the month. Ford quickly acknowledged it but silence since. Doubt we'll hear anything until actual production begins.
  13. New walkaround video of an Iconic Silver Maverick!

    Ordered the Iconic Silver XLT model with the luxury package on 23-June. Will look good in the garage next to our Silver F-150 Supercrew.
  14. 2022 Maverick production week scheduling starts next week!

    When we first put our order in on June 23rd (hybrid with the luxury package, nothing else) the dealer said Ford gave a tentative date of November. But since orders will be slotted by parts that Ford has at any given time, and Ford has indicated the hybrid and luxury package is not at risk, I...
  15. Maverick seats for a big guy. Same as Bronco Sport?

    Thanks much for posting this for taller folks!
  16. Maverick seats for a big guy. Same as Bronco Sport?

    I keep hearing that the Maverick may have similar seats to the Bronco. Can anyone give a guess as to how they think the Maverick seating might be for someone 6"4" tall? I am lean so I am not as worried about the width of the seats, etc, just the headroom. This truck will be primarily for my...
  17. Ford Maverick vs Explorer Size Comparison - Real Life Sighting

    Our garage will have my F-150 XLT Supercrew in Silver next to the Maverick XLT, also in Silver.
  18. Value for money

    Went with the XLT and the luxury package. Ended up about $26K before taxes. Wouldn't want to go much over that if at all for a small truck like this. Replacing an H3 so gas mileage is significant since it will take over some the longer range duties that we won't always need our F-150...
  19. Tax Credit for Maverick Hybrid?

    No, full plugins only. Hybrids such as the Prius were expressly written out in the bill. Sucks since I would think they would like to encourage hybrids but Congress, in its usual ignorance, chose otherwise.