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  1. Where my Cajuns at?! Louisiana Mavs

    I checked this afternoon. Nothing yet.
  2. Where my Cajuns at?! Louisiana Mavs

    I just had my oil changed in my F-150 in Baton Rouge at Robinson Brothers Ford. There was an EB Maverick delivered earlier this week to someone who ordered it. No one could remember the color. I guess this owner is not on this website.
  3. Where my Cajuns at?! Louisiana Mavs

    I stopped by Superior Ford this morning. Nothing new to report. They had the acknowledgement that the order was received with the M001 code. My email has been submitted to Ford with my order. They have one EB order in process. All the other orders are hybrids with the M001 designation on the...
  4. Where my Cajuns at?! Louisiana Mavs

    …or maybe this 4 footer at the tailgate end of the bed. The 3 footer could be put at the front of the bed between the wheel wells. At any rate, my Maverick will come with a folding bed cover so this should fit below the cover. If you put a tool box on top the side rails it might block the back...
  5. Where my Cajuns at?! Louisiana Mavs

    I’m going by Superior Ford tomorrow morning to see if there is any confirmation from Ford on any of the dealership’s orders.
  6. 1227.7 Miles - An Unbiased Maverick Lariat Owner's Review

    2 thumbs up, 👍👍, great review, thank you!
  7. Extended Warranty or not?

    I have purchased four ESP 8-year Premium plans in the last 8 years. So far, only one vehicle had a serious issue that resulted in an expensive repair. The warranty cost of that repair exceeded the price paid collectively for all four ESP Premium plans. Also, presently I am down to just one...
  8. Can the Ford Maverick Truck become an Icon?

    I am old enough to remember clearly the introduction of the 1964 1/2 Mustang. Initially it was basically a Falcon with different sheet metal styling. Lee Iococa put together a phenomenal marketing campaign and produced a sports car that began the new class of “pony” sports cars. The base price...
  9. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    The drive belt I was referring to would have been on the bottom balancer, not the transmission side of the motor.
  10. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    Is the water pump on the ICE internal or external 12 volt driven?
  11. 5'5" & 5'1" drivers size comparison & feedback with 2.0 Maverick - for the shorter owners / driver / passenger

    Great review, very concise and to the point. Also very honest and genuine. Thank you!
  12. Greediest Maverick Dealerships in the US - ADM Markup List

    This is in Utah, $9500 ADM, advertised online.
  13. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    Variable cam timing can change compression ratios. This might not be the exact 2.5L in the Maverick but I would not be upset if a Ford tech would contribute some Informative links to this thread. I do believe this engine has some similarities to the hybrid engine now being used. It was the...
  14. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    I found this article at the Ford Authority website. 2.5L Duratec Engine The Duratec 25, also known as the Mazda L engine, is a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder from Ford...
  15. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    The FordPass app will do that now from inside your home on your smart phone.
  16. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    In the Maverick owners manual there is a page that describes the coolant caps for the high and low level coolant openings. I believe the hybrid battery is water cooled with the same 50/50 mix antifreeze that the engine uses. It can be found on pages 302, 304.
  17. Drive belt on the 2.5L engine

    Okay, what drives the air conditioner compressor?
  18. Poll: How many of you are purchasing your first hybrid with this truck?

    I believe an all EV has a range of 250 miles, give or take. A Plugin HEV is around 50 miles range. An HEV is around 25 miles. I would prefer a plugin hybrid Maverick, but I will settle for just a hybrid.