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  1. Current old car problems - fix or trade-in?

    In my day interstates we’re still 55mph but yeah same thing, and you turned the front mini windows out to catch more air
  2. No Maverick Scheduling Week of August 23 ☹️

    Yours is a first edition, expect it near the end of production when everything is as close to perfect as possible
  3. How much are you paying? / Are these good offers?

    It never goes to PA, the only TAx, title registration etc in my case will be in Georgia which is where we are incorporated.
  4. 4k/FWD is now only 4k/AWD

    Blowing stuff up, even usefully is just about getting the right number of carbon nitrogen and oxygen in the right order/number/ring never mind usefully is way harder than just blowing stuff up ;) no I was thinking about the kind of management decisions that go into removing a product from a line.
  5. FWD vs AWD in Snow?

    Why am I having Sir Mix-a-lot flashes on a serious post? Oh because it’s so close to my anaconda don’t want snow because it ain’t got buns hun flow to it. now we know something is wrong me
  6. 4k/FWD is now only 4k/AWD

    Unless Ford says we will never know. Maybe @AUsomTiger can chime in with qualified speculation, I doubt we have any informed speculation.
  7. Install speaker in the bed?

    You certainly could, and it would never be more than a few feet (2/4) from you.
  8. Travel trailers for the hybrid

    “I've pitched a 2-person ground tent in the bed of a pickup.” is that what the kids call it today? In my day that was just Friday night with your GF /rimshot
  9. Has anyone had Covid? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    Replied via DM. It’s long, against the intent of this thread and contains implications of prepublished data
  10. Has anyone had Covid? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    I suspect she has arthritis and is /was taking meds for it? Just a guess kind you ;)
  11. Alto Blue Lariat FX4 Maverick Trainer Pics. Lots of Measurements / Dimensions Taken

    So you could say ‘Eufell’ for Blue just added 50 shades of lite gray to it? /rimshot
  12. Has anyone had Covid? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    Glad your dad responded well. Unfortunately anti rejection meds are not quite the same beast as primary immune failure. He is likely on prednisolone and similar so these interrupt cytokine and the inflammatory response. My primary immune failure is in another section, in my case it’s in my T and...
  13. Are there any live cams on Ford assembly lines?

    Pay vette and BMW prices, get Ford views? interesting concept following a particular build as with BMW. I can see even the loading of a Maverick every minute in a loading zone. Those are different than what I thought was being asked. My thought was a camera showing different locations of an...
  14. What do you like LEAST about the Maverick?

    See I thought it was Dhampir so I was just gonna put garlic in there.
  15. Has anyone had Covid? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    O2 is the big one. I can argue for and against Ace2 modulators, but it looks like Lambda’s protein spike has changed enough For that to not be an issue. But O2, don’t go on a respirator unless no other choice, to much scarring, supplemental O2 is win. (If you need it) biggest issue from an...
  16. What are you going to put in your "shrine" Cubby (space next display screen)?

    Good lord I am tired I read the title and thought WTAF a chubby holder?