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  1. Bullet Liner sprayed on my XLT Maverick bed

    I believe the spray-in liner you have has more complete coverage than the factory liner also, especially in the tailgate area.
  2. Lucky, but Conflicted - Dealer has an XL EcoBoost AWD available (or wait for Hybrid)?

    I would want the 2 to be as different as possible. WAIT FOR THE HYBRID!!! This is also a long-term possession item so do not be too hasty and let your emotions over-rule your head.
  3. How to get more MPG from hybrid Maverick?

    What they said^^^!!! The other thing is if you learn how to drive a hybrid "properly" It will lower your insurance if you attach one of their dongles. It records and sends data concerning how heavy your foot is, jack rabbit starts and speeding. The ultimate question is why are you buying a...
  4. 2022 Ford (Maverick) Towing Guide With Tow Capability Calculator

    You Sir are on the right track. Many people see the payload number1500# and the tow number# and think they are mutually exclusive and think they have 3500# to play with when they do not. The more you have in the bed, the less you can tow.
  5. Travel trailers for the hybrid

    Yeah, the tongue weight of the H21 is 1000 lbs. It is a beauty inside and out and expensive($100,000). Mostly built in China. SO.. you gonna put a $100,000 trailer in back of a $25,000 truck that is 1/2 the weight of the trailer or are you going to opt out and get the smallest one?
  6. 2022 Ford (Maverick) Towing Guide With Tow Capability Calculator

    Pages 45 & 46 are great information for people new to towing. Even most people just hook it up and go. No doubt Ford realized a lot of new people are going to be on the road towing, and if a lot of Ford owners get in accidents it will reflect back on them rather than the drivers that did not...
  7. 📬 10/7 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    There are Reps that seem to do it and it gets posted here. That is why I said you call Ford. Your dealer/sales person just might not want to do the extra customer service work. If they did not send the 4K Tow order in to have it added in the first place your dealer might be the problem. I...
  8. 📬 10/7 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Call Ford yourself and ask to speak to the Ford Rep for that dealership and get the Reps name. If you have too, go to the dealership with Reps name and have the dealership call him and explain the situation and get it changed.
  9. 📬 10/7 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    I thought email had not been established up there yet. ;)
  10. 📬 10/7 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Have your dealer call the Ford Rep.
  11. First consumer hybrid delivery?

    It has no appeal to me whatsoever.
  12. Purchased this XLT 2.0 EcoBoost FWD, what questions do you have?

    But the dealer will make big bucks there in CA when the Hybrid arrives unless the person that ordered buys it.
  13. 📄 2022 Ford Maverick EcoBoost & Hybrid Reviews List Is Here!

    Which ones were they? I am disappointed that these reviews that have been released so far ae anti-climatic. Nothing new at all that had to wait in a lot of them. I am interested in the hybrid numbers but so far I have not found anything other than the projected numbers. If you could list the...
  14. I would love to see a Maverick next to a Nissan Frontier or Hyundai Santa Cruz

    Just seeing this...again. The 2022 Frontier is a beautiful vehicle. It is bolder and more aggressive looking than the Ranger or previous edition of the Frontier. It is a bit roomier than the Maverick and the back seat room is great. The neat thing is the crew cab is only $1500 more than the king...
  15. Hybrid hasn't been approved by government [text from my dealer added]

    Hopefully you may have good news tomorrow because the embargo will be lifted at 6am EST. Tons of youtube videos and written articles will be available. Hopefully the EPA numbers will be out then also.
  16. Maverick records 506 sales in first month launch (Sept 2021) - 7,323 produced YTD

    That is great, especially for introducing a new model. Their capacity is suppose to be 800 cars/day if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, if the plant were in America the unions would cap the production while the unions south of the border is more concerned with health, safety and fair pay...
  17. Truck is built, got my window sticker, can't wait to get it and build it!

    Just in time for your Minnesota winter. You should come spend the winters in Texas then go back to Minnesota for the 3 weeks of summer :ROFLMAO:. I am planning to go to Michigan for the summers and come back to Texas from Sept to April.
  18. RAPID RED Maverick Club

    That is fantastic. My Toyota Sequoia with a 4.7L V8 only gets around 9mpg when towing. You also answered my other question on if you had considered flat towing the Mav Hybrid.
  19. RAPID RED Maverick Club

    What is your MPG when towing?
  20. Truck is built, got my window sticker, can't wait to get it and build it!

    The build week starts on Monday, 9-23 is the week of the build not the scheduled day of the build.