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  1. Why is the paint peeling on both of these Mavericks? (paint defenders REPORT FOR DUTY)

    Mine has his going on, I checked after seeing the issue here. I work at a Ford dealership, it gets in the shop saturday for this paint issue and my display losing connection occasionally.
  2. Maverick Keyless Entry Keypad (Code not provided)

    You should be able to call/stop by your dealer and get it.
  3. Let's Talk about Mavericks

    I have no problem with the comparisons. What I think might be a good idea is to split this forum between those who have theirs and those still waiting.
  4. Can Keyless entry Keypad door pillar be added to XL?

    I would like to know if someone has successfully installed this on a Maverick. We sold it from the accessories catalog but couldn't get it to program. If this is a case of my tech just not knowing what he was doing, I could use that info. The accessories catalog has been incorrect so much of...
  5. Display died (non op) but got it back

    I have a service appointment for saturday for this issue as well as a factory paint flaw where front bumper cover meets the rf fender. The display has gone black on me 3-4 times but comes back after restarting.
  6. What do you (will you) miss from your old vehicle in the Maverick?

    Coming from my old 2000 Ranger I miss my old shifter, especially every time I make a 3 point turn. Also miss just being able to go through old roads without worrying about scratching it up.
  7. Interior squeaks, pops and Rattles

    I had a squeak, traced it to where the 2 plastic panels meet below the steering wheel. I jammed a piece of foam in there and hasn't been a problem since. A few days ago, I was washing mine and noticed the right side of the rear bumper cover was sticking out a bit, I bopped it with the palm of my...
  8. Does anybody have any idea how much a hybrid battery cost to replace?

    for the Maverick hybrid, part# NZ6Z10B690A list price $ 3671.66
  9. Ford Maverick LIFT KIT suspension from Flatout Suspension!!

    Rear wheel looks centered, that has been the big complaint on current lift kits for the Mav. Other kits are leaving the rear wheel just slightly forward of center. A similar pic of a Mav with your kit installed showing it centered would go a long way.
  10. 4-pin to 7-pin adapter

    I'm a Ford parts guy, get me the last 8 characters of your vin and I should be able to find out. I can't sort in catalog by FX4 package. But with no vin i see 9U5Z14489MAA 7 and 4 pin trailer connector showing up, if I can figure which harness you have I should be able to tell if you can go with...
  11. Asked Dealer to Return Parts Removed from 22S47 Recall - Refused

    Did you tell them you just wanted a picture? They certainly aren't going to give them back as they have to be held to see if Ford calls them back for inspection but I can't see why they wouldn't have let you take a pic. Side note- if they replaced the grille why do you care how bad "they might...
  12. Thoughts on Drop in Bedliner?

    Despite all the hate on DIBL's, I think it's a decent way to go for some people. But it's a personal choice depending on how you plan to use it, how long you think you'll keep it and most of all just plain ol personal preference. Not slamming you but this question reminded me of one of my...
  13. why all the posts about the spare tire??

    Those of us with AWD who paid for a full size spare only to find out it isn't, have good reason to be complaining. I wouldn't have paid for it if I'd known.
  14. My Exhaust was Stolen off of my Hybrid.

    We have a local exhaust shop that is making cages for Cats. I'd call around and see if someone local could do so for you. We recently had a call from a local school bus barn that had the Diesel Particulate Filter cut off of one of their buses. That junkie must have thought he found the biggest...
  15. Opting out of recall?

    If you stop in at a dealership service department, they will see the open recall and offer it to you. If you decline, they note that on the work order. My concern would be if you can be liable if there ever is a fire for declining.
  16. Where to buy OEM Air Filter - Motorcraft FA1939

    I just checked Ford's system and it says they will fill all backorders mid september. A bit pricey but I just searched FA1939 on Ebay and you can get it for $35 shipped.
  17. Full size spare

    I believe these won't fit where the factory spare sits, but that's just something I've read so I take it with a grain of salt.
  18. What happens when you ceramic coat your truck?

    Looks good. But from the title I was expecting to see it got seagull bombed.
  19. Ford can remove the Auto Start/Stop at the factory?

    Yeah, there's a button in the console. Which I forget to hit half the time.