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  1. Added drl to front end, power to bed, touch lumen lights

    Do you have any more pics of that DRL? It looks real nice. Would like to see what it looks like under the hood if possible.
  2. $3,000 OFF - DEAL CLOSED - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    I recant my post. FordVideoGuy said that during the MY2022 ordering. You would reset your order date. For MY2023 he said this - [FordVideoGuy] Yep, that is information I received from the Maverick Brand Manager. Now I gotta figure out how to delete my earlier "bad info"...
  3. $3,000 OFF - DEAL CLOSED - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    That is what I expect to happen but there will be a lot of "crying and gnashing of teeth" if some change their order and the private offer doesn't cover that change. Also, those who decide to change trim or engine will get bumped out of the 2022 queue as well. A sad day for some. I'm waiting...
  4. $3,000 OFF - DEAL CLOSED - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    1. Granger told me that they would honor the $3,000 of MSRP at the 2023 price. Ford is supposed to give you a personal offer for the difference if you change nothing on the order. So the price should be the same as when you ordered it in 2021/22. 2. I haven't heard an official date but I expect...
  5. Bluetooth override?

    I think it is a feature of Ford Sync because it even happens in my 2014 Fiesta!
  6. So What Are/Were Your Top 3 Planned or Performed Mods/Additions

    When (If?) I get my Mav this is my list starting with what I already have then the top 3 Already have - Replace tires with Nokian APT Husky Weatherbeater all weather mats Black vinyl tail gate letter inserts Gumby and Pokey for dash cubby K&N drop in air filter Center console...
  7. MY23 XLT Packages - If I was Ford, this is what I would offer instead of the current MY22 Luxury Package

    This looks very interesting. These packages pull apart the Lux package and divvy it up. Would these be offered in addition to Lux? Also, would the "sound deadening" windshield remain in the Lux package as temptation? How would you expect Ford to price these? I could see that the cost of the...
  8. 2023 Maverick Technical Specifications posted [PDF]

    The 4.2" instrument cluster screen is standard on XL and XLT. The Lariat and FX4 and now Tremor will have the 6.5" instrument cluster screen.
  9. $3,000 OFF - DEAL CLOSED - Fight OFF the Price Increase with Granger Ford

    I have a love/hate relationship with numbers - especially watching where I am on a list. But I asked. I was 173 on May 17 and 124 on July 28. Depending on the number of July allocations left I figure I am "on the cusp". I have no constraints, either.
  10. Moving Queen Mattress?

    You'll need to take off your tonneau cover. You'll need to do that for all oversize loads. If you were planning to keep it on and put the mattress on top of it then the only strap points are your wheel wells or frame.
  11. Thank God The Dash Cubby Is Still There in 2023 Maverick

    I've got Gumby and Pokey ready to occupy that space!
  12. Fuel additives?

    I've always added the Lucas Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner to my Fiesta's tank every 5th or 6th fill up (about 3,000) miles. I believe anything that helps clean the engine is a good thing. Probably do the same for the Maverick.
  13. Ford Customer Service says "No hold ups on Parts, ready to go" What does this mean?

    Could he have meant that your order has no constraining items so it is good to go. They always tell me to check with my dealer, too.
  14. Is FX4 4k now considered worth it with Forscan?

    That sounds like a great trailer! I'm cheap and not planning to go custom with a trailer. My wife's 2020 F150 FX4 with tow package will pull 12,500 for livestock trailers as needed. I'm just figuring out how to make sure the Mav I've ordered can tow that little utility trailer!
  15. Is FX4 4k now considered worth it with Forscan?

    Very good point and one I overlooked. I also edited my original post. The class II handles up to 3,500 pounds which is sufficient for my purposes. I currently have a tractor supply 5.5 x 10 utility trailer with with a GVWR of 2,990 pounds so it would work. I don't think I've ever come near...
  16. Is FX4 4k now considered worth it with Forscan?

    I understand that the major features found in the 4K and not in the FX4 are the trailer brake controller, taller axle ratio, Class III hitch (5K rating) and transmission oil cooler. The difference in final gear ratios between all three variants (including Hybrid) is: Hybrid = 2.91:1 (with CVT)...
  17. June 2021 order

    I do believe the @fordvideoguy said changing engine or changing trim will cause your order to lose it's priority in queue. It won't be considered a rollover MY22 order but a new MY23 order. Your changes will also likely affect your personal offer. I'd check on that if you are concerned about...
  18. Ford Maverick Bed D-Ring - optional or standard?

    @Shay with Test Driven TV made an excellent video on installing cargo box tie downs. Worth a watch. DIY Cargo Box Tie-Downs
  19. Car Cover for Maverick

    I'm thinking over time that one of those two things will happen with this cover. Maybe with a stubby it won't be so bad.
  20. Ford Maverick Truck Cover - Perfect Fit

    @ValenciaOrange , is this the cover? Coverking Stormproof Custom Outdoor Car Cover