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    Wasn't that a drag racing thing to help put weight on the rear wheels for acceleration.
  2. Living with Cyber Orange.?

    It looks yellow until it's next to a yellow vehicle.
  3. Fastest speed in electric mode

    On smooth level ground with no traffic to worry about I could get it to switch to electric only under 60mph in normal mode. Could go for 2 or 3 miles before the ICE kicked back in.
  4. Ford Maverick LIFT KIT suspension from Flatout Suspension!!

    Their site says 2 extra inches of travel.
  5. Virginia Yakima roof rack and crossbar system $500.

    Damn, Wish I saw this earlier.
  6. Options for mud flaps?

    Both. I wish more trucks in my area had mud flaps.
  7. Yakima roof rack measurements?

    I got the "Ford" Yakima roof rack, but can't find the information for the distance and pitch measurements for the roof rack. Does anyone have those by chance?
  8. Maverick tailgate weight limit lbs - half and down positions

    Yeah, and Im pretty sure the 400 and 500 limit are for while the truck is in motion, so even more when just sitting there
  9. Android Auto and Maps

    Your phone battery drains when plugged in?
  10. Roof Rack vs Bed Rack, which is better for long Kayak?

    On a previous vehicleI put clear vinyl down where the towers mount. 3 years later I removed everything, no paint loss or damage of any kind.
  11. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    I saw it and had to stop for a photo.
  12. Aftermarket Parts

    Lowering is coming. I can't imagine a hybrid with aftermarket exhaust.
  13. Anyone like the dial shifter?

    I like how out of the way it is. I do wish there was a way to beable to manually select gears on the ecoboost. The truck is pretty responsive but if I am getting ready to pass someone on a 2-lane road I'd like to premptively downshift before I start accelerating. Or be able to chose a specific...
  14. Rear Dashcam Location?

    I don't have sliding rear window. But I put my rear one above the rear driver sides rear seat headrest. It is more out of the way looking through the rearview mirror and I was having trouble tucking the wire under the rear headliner A 129 pro duo for me. It doesnt really throw off the rear...
  15. Dashcam time stamp reseting A129 duo pro (hardwired)

    Edit: I should be -5 gmt not +5. whoopsie.:LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL: Hi I keep having an issue with the time-stamp on my dashcam not keeping time, I have reset it 4 times now. It is hardwired, I tapped into fuse 3 and 24. parking mode works (almost too well even on low sensitivity) Possibilites it...