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  1. Location of usb ports on xlt to charge iphone

    So,the only usb port i have found is under the screen .surely there is more than one usb port.what is the port on rear of consol.
  2. Clean up area around the trailer hitch

    Any idea’s on how too cover all the dead space around the trailer hitch.would like to maybe also move the license plate back to the same area to get it back where it should be.
  3. Wind buffering

    Well i seem to have a wind buffering problem with the window down on drivers side.did try lowering any other ones with the window deflectors help this?
  4. Any parts store make keys for maverick

    All i want is a key to simply start the truck as a spare key with the chip in it so it can be programmed.dont need the any big box stores do it or good place on the internet. No lock smiths closer than 50 miles but may have to drive aways maybe.
  5. What wires are switched around to elemnate Auto-Stop

    All these stop start eliminators seem to be rearranging wires around to get rid of run which ones are they changing?i know about the one on the battery and the trailer light connector seems to not work the best .it cant be so hard to do this🙃
  6. Cubby installation and parts

    Has anyone just bought the cubby elbow and kept the original cover over it.i don’t plan to use it enough to buy another cover to just get the open and close knob on it.
  7. Connector under dash that disconnects trailor lights location

    Where under the dash is the connector,near brake pedal i think,that disconnects The trailor lights that will keep the auto start from woring?
  8. Symbols instead of letters is pain for old folks

    What ever happened to hot and cold buttons,fan,lights,what ever that had letters underneath them to tell you what was what.these stupid symbols are a pain for this old man🤨but i have a temporary cheat sticker on a few of these symbols till I remember what they are.
  9. Something other than tie down channel kit in bed

    Instead of using the channel tie down kit what are some better alternatives.i thought about just putting some eye hooks in each hole.
  10. Disable seat belt dinging for off road use

    I have read the instructions on how to do this more times than i want to admit with no success.i,m sure im missing something but just havent had any luck.yes,im going by instructions in owners manual☺️Any small detail i,m missing or help of any kind is appreciated.done this on previous fords...
  11. Very happy with truck

    got it last night😎i was totally blown away as to how nice this truck is.ride is excellent,plenty of power,its a ecoboost ,handles great,etc, can’t buy a truck this nice for 26,000$,or car for that matter anywhere i got to figure out how to set everything up on mode...
  12. How to remove the key from the key fob?

    How do you remove the key from the key fob.need some spares made.
  13. Xlt bed cubby on driver side

    Does the rear bed cubby on drivers side have the storage piece behind the door or does the cover just block the opening in the has no way to unlatch the cover and has 4 bolts holding the cover in place.
  14. Finally here

    9 months later my xlt ecoboost with trailor hitch is here.
  15. Turn screen off

    Can the screen be turned off and could you still control heat and air if it can?
  16. Pay for truck before it comes in

    Just wondering if dealer can sell you the truck before it comes in.i may be out of town when it gets here first of august so thought my daughter could pick it up if needed to.
  17. Largest 110 volt pancake oiless air compressor

    What is the largest voltage 110 air compressor will the maverick handle .just want to put air in tires if need be.
  18. License plate holes drilled by factory or dealer?

    Are the holes pre drilled in the rear bumper to mount the license plate bracket or does dealer do it.I’m putting mine in the center of bumper and dont want the holes in the bumper.
  19. Can ford technition change priority setting

    Years ago when manufacturers started putting all this computer mess in cars the tech could change alot of the the default settings for diagnostic purposes.then of course after they were done they had to change it back to the factory settings.can this still be done today on things like run...
  20. Truck is finally going in production🙃

    Its been a long wait since first of november but I finally have a window sticker,production this coming monday,and dealer also confirmed it.xlt with tralor hitch and ecoboost engine.very happy old man but it still can be some more bumps in the road as we all know.