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  1. Ford Is Going to 100% Online, Fixed-Price Sales For EVs

    Not necessarily Maverick related, but looks to be the way things will go. I for one am all for this. Get rid of the shady markups, let me order what I want at a set price.
  2. What is the "precedence" of the two USB ports for CarPlay?

    Does anyone now or has anyone tried to plug in TWO phones to the dash USB ports to see how that affects CarPlay? It's my understanding that both work for CarPlay - the USB-A and USB-C ports - but what happens if two are plugged in? Would the first phone plugged in take precedence, or would the...
  3. What do you (will you) miss from your old vehicle in the Maverick?

    I've seen a lot of the "no cruise control in XL trim" posts and started thinking about what I'll miss once my Maverick (finally) gets here. For me it's definitely the no HomeLink button for garage door openers. Sounds trivial but I've had something built into my visor for probably the last 20...
  4. "You've reached the end of your social feed"

    Well, NOW what do I do???
  5. Storage behind rear seat - this this would work?

    I've seen posts and videos where people have stowed some gear behind the rear seat, between seat back and metal chassis. I know it's not much, though one guy had a decent sized tool kit/box, but would something like this work? It's a trunk organizer but seems like it might be handy if it snuck...
  6. Rear seat platform option?

    Has anyone seen or know of an option to put in a rear seat platform to cover the storage areas/floor when back seat is flipped up? My BIL has a Ram 1500 with this in the back and it was SUPER useful to carry a large flat screen TV rather than in the bed. Something like this: