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  1. Video: Technical Deep Dive 2023 Maverick Tremor

    No supply chain issues with your baby?
  2. Would anyone get a 2 door if available?

    Hells no. Part of what keeps it cheap is not trying to be all things to all people.
  3. Maverick Price Increased as of 7/1

    I wonder what the option packs and accessories went up, too.
  4. What do you (will you) miss from your old vehicle in the Maverick?

    The front suspension rattle nobody can dx.

    Ordered Hybrid Lariat Lux, confirmed October 13, 2021. Daughter jn Law announced pregnancy same week, 5 weeks preggo. June 5, 6:00 PM: 2022 Model, 0 Miles.
  6. Ford sends out (blanket spam) email -- "An Important Update About Your Order"

    Got my "Please excuse Ford Motor for Running late" acknowledgement 25 minutes ago.
  7. Has anyone else who placed an order in October heard any news?

    Order confirmed October 13. Lariat/lux/360/roof. Same week the daughter in law announced she was 6 weeks pregnant. We are betting on which gets delivered first. My money's on the kid.
  8. If Not Maverick What Vehicle Would You Have Bought?

    Genesis GV70. I was pretty close to buying a 4 banger with a lux pack for $52K, but couldn't find what I wanted.
  9. Fords you have loved thread...

    Bought a 2004 Focus SVT, and flew from Florida to Michigan to pick it up. Fun car that handled incredibly well, and had lots of goodies ahead of their time. This is a pic of an identical one below. BTW, my first Ford was a 1951 F1 pickup I bought for $150).
  10. Consumer Reports Most Reliable New Cars

    They still influence the market for people intending to buy a vehicle. And the reliability ratings are based on unbiased statistics from actual users. Discrediting them by citing a debacle from the 80's is akin to judging Ford's quality by judging the Bronco II from that era. I also encourage...
  11. Hybrid Order Support Group

    I ordered a Hybrid Lariat Lux, confirmed order 10/13/21. My Daughter in Law announced she was 7 weeks pregnant the week before. We are betting on which is delivered first. My money's on the kid.
  12. Did you pick FWD or AWD Maverick and why?

    FWD because I am Florida Man.