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  1. 2400 miles with a bad back

    10 years ago, I blew out 3 discs in my lower back. Last year, I drove my wife's CH-R out to Missouri and back, and it was a rough trip, spent some time on the side of the road laying down to stretch. I didn't want to make another long trip in her car. When I thought about buying my Mav, I had...
  2. Oregon Sold: nw oregon steelies for sale

    I have a set of steelies with tires, lug nuts and valve stems but no tpms. Come pick them up for $300. No shipping. Message me or post here, I'll try and check in daily.
  3. Hood scoop light bar?

    Can someone out there, bored, with some Photoshop skills mock up a hood scoop light bar for the Maverick if there isn't one out there already that I couldn't find? After a trip down the Washington coast last night I am making my next priority some extra lights.
  4. Headlights leaving me blind

    These white led headlights need some help, especially in fog. I see some people adding fogs and light strips/bars, hoping for some suggestions as to which route i should take. I'm thinking of mounting an led bar under the front bumper cover but would be nice to see all the options as far as...