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  1. Has Anyone Who Ordered In January Received Your Truck? Or At Least Gotten A Build Date?

    Yeah if you ordered the lux pkg, then it's very unlikely to get a 22MY. I don't think the sunroof is a constraint.
  2. Has Anyone Who Ordered In January Received Your Truck? Or At Least Gotten A Build Date?

    I ordered in January and still no build date. I have CP360 and not willing to remove it, so I'm very very likely to be pushed to 2023.
  3. 📈 Maverick July 2022 Sales: 6,720 Sold / 3,578 Produced

    I feel you. I ordered in January and was hoping to have it for a camping trip in September. The salesman said I should have it by end of May, but it's still not scheduled. Now I'll be using the '06 Toyota Sienna instead. :(
  4. Is Co-pilot 360 Worth The Wait?

    In my mind, advanced safety features is one of the main reasons to get a new model car instead of something older. I know CP360 on the Maverick is less advanced than some other vehicles out there. But I wouldn't consider buying a new car without getting the safety features.
  5. Is anyone here NOT enjoying their 2.0?

    I don't have one yet, but I believe the main mileage benefit of the hybrid is in city traffic. How much of your 70miles is city? If mostly highway, I'm not sure you'll see a large benefit from the hybrid. Somebody else please correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. Ford Order Banks Open for Ranger?

    Yes I think F150 is also today. But nothing on the Ford website for F150 either.
  7. Ford Order Banks Open for Ranger?

    I thought today (7/18/2022) the order banks were supposed to open for the 2023 Ranger. I got on the Ford website to look, but the 2022 Ranger is the only thing I can see. Is a 2023 Ranger order guide available anywhere? Trying to figure out how this will work in preparation for the 2023 Maverick...
  8. Local Dealer has Delivered ~1/2 of Orders

    Talked to my Dealer this week (smaller dealer in East Tennessee near Knoxville). They said they received about ~70 orders for the Maverick, and have 34 left to deliver. Not sure how many they're getting in per month or the breakdown on trim, engine, etc. I ordered in late January, and I'm...
  9. 4K Tow & FX4 duplicate equipment?

    I got the 4k to tow a trailer / small boat. I got the FX4 for the tow hooks (aesthetics), wheels (aesthetics), and instrument cluster upgrade (aesthetics). If I could only pick one, I think the 4k is more important (function > aesthetics).
  10. ***FINAL UPDATE*** Transmission issues

    An F150 is a $30k base truck, but can be optioned up to $80k-$90k. So if you have problems on an $80k truck, do you think "well you shouldn't have bought a $30k truck"? I guess I don't understand all the "it's a $20k vehicle" people.
  11. Magnaflow Exhaust now available for 2.0 Ecoboost! Side exit! Sweet!

    Any idea what kind of performance differences are achieved with this aftermarket exhaust?
  12. Who "stepped down" to XL because of the ugly interior color choices of XLT? (Not because of cost savings)

    The only reason I went XLT was to get FX4. Otherwise I would have done the XL. The interior does look a little juvenile IMO, but I was OK with it. Plus I plan to give it to my 13yo when he starts driving in ~3yrs.
  13. Ford will sell & deliver Mavericks without chips controlling non-safety critical features

    Never pay for something on a promise to fix it later. Once you've paid, the incentive structure to fix it vanishes. This has been true for almost every contractor I've ever worked with.
  14. Koons Ford are beyond scumbags

    The value of anything is the price that someone is willing to pay. That is the fundamental definition of something is worth.
  15. Paint Color Choice

    I personally liked the VB color, but my wife didn't. She said it looked like a toothpaste color. I ended up ordering CG.
  16. Guess I’m the new guy, I have a Maverick on order Lariat with 360. Hello to everyone.

    The X-Plan doesn't save you much on a vehicle this inexpensive. I am using the X-Plan (my employer is an OEM supplier to Ford), and it's saving me about $700 under MSRP on a ~$30k build. Not complaining though. You start to save more when you get to higher price points. I think I priced out a...
  17. [POLL] Is anyone changing their order now that Ford put out this memo?

    XLT 4K FX4 CP360. I think my only constraint is the CP360. I would remove it, but I have a 13yo that I will likely pass this down to when he starts driving in ~3 years. So going to keep the CP360 for the young driver.
  18. Anybody Order in Jan 2022?

    Ordered 1/26. Received email immediately. ROVP was confirmed 2/2. No build date yet. XLT, FX4, 4K Tow, CP360 in Cactus Grey.
  19. Hybrid Tech's future

    I work for an automotive parts manufacturer. What we see is that companies are going heavy on full electric, and skipping hybrid. Our business is currently transforming from supplying ICE related components to EV related components. We don't see hybrids ever having a large market share. Ford's...
  20. PPF Prices?

    I don't know anything about the film types, but my local installer said: The film we use is Premium Shield NexGen Elite if you want to look into that. There is a lifetime warranty for any yellowing, blistering, and delaminating.