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  1. A Great GDI Video for Ecoboost Owners

    Since I don't have my truck, yet, I take time to look at opportunities for mods and better maintenance. I saw a video regarding the gas direct engine which listed its benefits and problems. Sharing it here - I've been on the fence about catch cans but now I think that the "ounce of...
  2. Good Conversation with Ford about Maverick Order

    I usually use Ford Chat to inquire about my two truck orders. I've given them the order number and dealer number and they tell me that my order, both of them, are still in "order processing". Takes a while to get a rep and not very forthcoming with info - but they answered my specific question...
  3. Husky Floor Liners for Maverick Available

    I happened to be looking through the RealTruck website drooling over tonneau covers and noticed they now have Husky Floor Liners for the Maverick. Price is $161.95 after 10% off. With no Maverick in hand, yet, I'm not ordering but the Husky brand is darn good.
  4. PSA - Placed Order Today but Couldn't Order Spray-in Bedliner

    I placed my order today with my dealer. As we reviewed the list of packages and options he said that I was getting a hard drop-in bedliner. I mentioned that the XLT Luxury package contained the spray-in bedliner but the package now said drop-in bedliner. He couldn't even order the spray-in...