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  1. Yakima roof rack measurements?

    I got the "Ford" Yakima roof rack, but can't find the information for the distance and pitch measurements for the roof rack. Does anyone have those by chance?
  2. Dashcam time stamp reseting A129 duo pro (hardwired)

    Edit: I should be -5 gmt not +5. whoopsie.:LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL: Hi I keep having an issue with the time-stamp on my dashcam not keeping time, I have reset it 4 times now. It is hardwired, I tapped into fuse 3 and 24. parking mode works (almost too well even on low sensitivity) Possibilites it...
  3. New Ford Ranchero? There can't be any validity to this at least in the North American market. They would cannibalize sales of the Mav and Ranger. But maybe it'll be a 2 door fleet vehicle?