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  1. 2023 Maverick New Colors: Atlas Blue, Avalanche Gray

    I'm ok with no velocity blue for 23. That means I'll be able to tell a 22 Maverick from the rest 😁
  2. Using ForScan to set ECO as the default drive mode when starting up?

    YES PLEASE FORD! let us pick a drive mode and allow it to stay in that mode the next time we start the vehicle. 🙏🥺
  3. Usb outlets / drybox

    Looks really good! But one question, why didn't you put it on the opposite side of the storage compartment. So you can see what you're plugging in when you're by the tailgate. Was there not enough room between the wheel well and the compartment.
  4. Maverick Lightning and Ranger Lightning trademarked as Ford's new electric EV trucks

    I would love an EV. but in Wisconsin there isn't as many charging places in the rural areas up north. Where I go camping (without electric). All EV's should have a smaller reserve battery that will get you at least 25 miles. In emergencies. AAA will bring you gas might be a little hard to bring...
  5. Spare Tire Damaged

    I'm a Ford Fanboy and I agree with this. If you buy a vehicle that is designed for 4K towing it should have a spare to be able to tow what you have behind your truck. If something would happen.
  6. Dealership Not Honoring Order Date Ford Financing

    Unfortunately at 52 the hat is covering up the thinning hair. Can't really rock the mullet anymore. But hell yes I can rock the Maverick. By the way the hat I made myself it's a Top Gun Maverick hat with a Ford patch on it. 😁
  7. Android Auto stops periodically

    Today my Android auto (non-sync3) froze in the middle of Google maps getting us home. As I was trying to figure out how to get home which I did. My wife got out the manual and looked up how to reboot the system. With shutting the engine off did not fix it. She found you have to hold. >>I and...
  8. Lyse Blue Maverick Build From Brazil

    Looks great! I wish I could find the chase bed rails for my Maverick.
  9. This is the e-mail coming at 3PM today (6/29) to unscheduled order holders

    I would say if the private offer isn't at least $2,000 people will just walk. And I couldn't blame them. If there's anybody with a FWD 4K free upgrade to AWD still waiting they could have a pretty nice savings at the end. If they're willing to wait.
  10. Dial shifter POLL

    I'm used to driving one handed with a manual transmission. So I guess I've gotten used to resting my hand on the shifter. Even in my wife's automatic transmission Taurus. I find myself resting my hand on the shifter as if I'm going to shift at some point.
  11. Any Uplifting Dealer Experiences

    Happy with my dealer but I'm biased. I've known him for over 30 years. Bought my first truck from him in 1991. Although Fordvideoguy help me get, 0 for 36 months. I'm guessing my dealer wasn't aware of the new system very well. Which I don't blame him sounds like a new system is hard to work...
  12. 20,000 Mile Update For a 2.0 Ecoboost AWD Maverick

    WoW 😳 nice to hear 20k and Still going good. Your 36k bumper to bumper will be over in less then 1 year. LoL
  13. When will we know 2023 prices and options?

    I don't think $19,995 will be the starting price for 2023.
  14. CarPlay and Android Auto Workarounds for Lariat Luxury Navigation and Media

    Maybe a little off from what you're talking about. But I love my Motorola MA1 Bluetooth Android Auto. Connects shortly after starting the truck and never had it drop out unless I lost cellular signal. Just wanted to add this if it helps anyone.
  15. Showing off the Maverick to random interested folks.

    Yes a week ago someone followed me into my work parking lot and asked me about the Maverick. Was kind of surprised but was pleased that someone was interested.